ways you're keeping patients from accepting treatment

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ways you're keeping patients from accepting treatment

Post by haldishenrry on Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:35 am

Having trouble getting patients to yes? Here's how you might be sabotaging yourself.

Do you ever hear these statements during your morning huddle?

"They are only going to do what is covered by their insurance!" dental welding machine

"Don't bother addressing that bridge we have been talking about it for years!"

"I have reviewed the hygiene patients for today and they are completed so probably not much diagnosis today."

These assumptions are because we made ourselves the deciders. Morning huddles are a very important part of any healthy dental practice—if they are productive. The huddle is the best way to get the entire team on the same page and to review treatment that may be needed or existing treatment plans. Those assumptions hurt the bottom line.

Here are 5 things you might be doing to hurt case acceptance in your practice and how to fix them. root canal endodontic

1. You're not checking in with your patients to make sure you are meeting their needs.

Simply starting a visit by letting your patients know you want to make sure you are meeting their needs is a great way to show you care.

I simply ask, "What are your long-term oral health goals?" and "How do you want your smile to look in the next 3-5 years?" I have uncovered desires for veneers, replacement of old alloys, implants, whitening and even new crowns.

Cosmetic dentistry is something that our patients are just not comfortable bringing up unless asked. How many times have you heard a patient say after you recommend replacing an old PFM "Good I have always hated the way that crown looked!" That is because we never asked; we only share what we decide needs to be addressed right now. Check in with your and patients you might be surprised at what you find out!

2. You're not using your intraoral camera.


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