How to help patients create good homecare habits

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How to help patients create good homecare habits

Post by haldishenrry on Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:08 am

Homecare is key to oral health success, but the trick is getting patients to follow through. Here's how to not only find out what they need, but how to get them to comply.

Hygienists are prevention specialists, so it seems appropriate for professionally applied and take-home products to be part of a patient prevention program.

As part of daily patient care, hygienists have to determine which homecare product is best for each patient to achieve optimal oral health.

Based on the clinical assessment, medical history review, and patient receptivity, the dentist and dental hygienist must partner with the patient to personally commit to investing in preventive measures and/or products for their oral health. dental implant machine

With the vast array of homecare products available to treat different conditions (hypersensitivity, caries, plaque, etc.) it is no easy task for the provider or patient to filter through the product line to determine which product will best meet the patient's needs.

Ultimately, the provider's job is to enroll the patient into a preventive homecare program that is easy, cost-effective, and sustainable. From toothpaste to protective creams to floss and traditional floss alternatives, there are plenty of options that can meet your patients' needs.


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