Patients who are looking for improved safety

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Patients who are looking for improved safety

Post by siruiyingwu on Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:03 am

Among the many innovative practices in dentistry today is the use of the dental laser. This piece of dental equipment offers many benefits to the patient, including better comfort during procedures and faster healing time. Laser dentistry is not as widely used as it should be. It is estimated that approximately 6 percent of general dentists own and use a dental laser machine. The number of dentists using these devices will increase over time. The benefits are too many to ignore.

Patients who are looking for improved safety and comfort with dental procedures would benefit from finding a dentist who practices laser dentistry. Applications for dental lasers are expected to expand in the near future and more dentists will begin to use them.

Crystal Medical sells the Sigma DT10 Dental Laser in addition to a wide array of other dental supplies and . The DT10 Dental Laser is designed to be effective for soft-tissue procedures and has an excellent safety profile. Benefits include faster healing time and less invasive procedures. The laser also reduces bleeding and trauma to the tissues and is believed to facilitate homeostatic balance in the treated tissues.

Many soft tissue dental procedures require sutures to keep invasive wounds closed for healing. Dental lasers can often eliminate the need for sutures. Additionally, laser procedures generally do not require anesthesia, as it is less painful. The high energy laser beam cauterizes wounds and dramatically reduces bleeding.

Another advantage of laser is that the laser beam has a sterilization effect on the area of the mouth where the work is being done. As a result, infections are minimized. Wounds heal more rapidly and surrounding tissues suffer less damage due to the precision of the dental laser focus and precision.

Dental fillings can also be performed with a laser device. This means that anesthetic injections can be avoided, as can the dental drill. This is not true for all procedures, especially more severe cavity fillings, but it offers hope and comfort to nervous patients who need more basic fillings.

The benefits continue to grow and Crystal Medical offers an excellent piece of equipment to consider purchasing or renting for a dental practice. You can see for yourself. You will find all of the specifications and take advantage of the flexible payment plans and rental plans offered. It is time to go state of the art, so why wait?


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