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Book Debut!

Post by Y.U.M! Girl Less on Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:27 am

Description – Y.U.M! (Your Ultimate Male!): a female critique of the male physique is a hysterical 'tell-all' of unhindered submissions from women of all ages and backgrounds, who by their own admission spend way too much time admiring and discussing MEN's bodies.

Chesterfield, MI, November 4/ – Just released and written to entertain, Y.U.M! (Your Ultimate Male!): a female critique of the male physique, is a clever collection of "JUICY" details that resulted from women who weren't afraid to answer questions like "What is your favorite part of the male anatomy?" and "How do you define your ultimate male?". Already proving to amuse women from all walks of life, this illustrated book contains brow-lifting statistics and explorative excerpts that serves its readers the real "dish" in a very Sex and the City fashion. A must read…be sure to grab a copy of this witty bedside table book and prepare to be entertained.

A culmination of over two years of research by co-authors Lestra (Less) Hutula and Jill Fraeyman, Y.U.M! (Your Ultimate Male!): a female critique of the male physique, proves there is room in the market for a comical, yet positive view of the male form. A self-published masterpiece, this book is a perfect friendship, birthday, shower, bachelorette, or starting over (after you dump his dumb ass) gift. It promises to reveal the favorite and not-so-favorite body parts that women take notice in a way that only Less and Jill (a.k.a. the Y.U.M! Girls) could, as their hilarious sidebar ties it all perfectly together. Purchase a copy of Y.U.M! (Your Ultimate Male!): a female critique of the male physique now by visiting where you can take a sneak peek at the contents. The book will also be available through 25,000+ online retailers right before Thanksgiving.

Less and Jill are impulse-driven, hands-on educated women who spend their days pretending to become experts (hardly) on the subject of "Ultimate Males." After realizing the universe would not allow them to behave like ordinary people, they decided to accept their fates and utilize their superpowers for good and just a bit of mischief. Currently they can be found combing the streets of Southeast Michigan and surfing the World Wide Web in search of their next big Y.U.M! experience. As the infamous Y.U.M! Girls, they'll keep you on your toes with their humor-rich, sassy attitudes and real-life, over-the-top antics. Basically, they're the "silly little freaks" you're about to get to know.

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