DJ Serge Negri Night & Day

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DJ Serge Negri Night & Day

Post by Robbi on Mon May 21, 2012 4:20 pm

listen/buy DJ Serge Negri-Night & Day (Incl. Tyrone Francis, John Crockett Mixes) HERE

Tasha Mabry and Serge Negri have released another banger from the vault. Their latest installment Night & Day is a deep Brooklyn/Jersey style dance groove that has popped up on the playlists of DJ\'s such as Naeem Johnson, Greg Gauthier, Kalim Shabazz and Tyrone Francis. Negri\'s production makes Mabry feel right at home as she tells her passionate story in musical form.

The sensual, late night love dance ballad tells what it is like to keep the balance between night and day, and love and pain. It reminds us to appreciate the joys of life rather than get tangled in our own thoughts and daily routines. Night & Day is about breaking our patterns and finding joy in the in-between moments when our problems are fast asleep.

Gene King, of Canada\'s Shines Records, gives us a brilliant groove that blossoms into an afro-disco dance sing-along that makes it hard to keep still. Mabry's vocals sound right at home over King\'s veteran production.

Jersey\'s own John Crockett, of Haus\'Flaur Records, gives a get-on-the-floor jazzy interpretation that will keep you on your toes. Crockett\'s arrangement tells a dramatic musical story and gives Mabry\'s vocals a punchy melodic spread.

Kalim Shabazz, of Afterlife & Kabazz Music, puts a unique spin on his re-production with the inspirational Daytime Remix. Shabazz gives the record a whole new feeling by mellowing out the keys and lightly spreading the vocals over his Brooklyn, Nu jazzy house track.

Last but not least, Tyrone Francis, of BNY & BKNY fame, serves up a slamming remix that will grab you at first listen. The head-nodding bass-line compliments Mabry's sexy vocals and locks you into an endless groove.

\"Night & Day\" (all versions)
Written by Tasha Mabry, ASCAP
Produced by Serge Negri, BMI
Recorded & Mixed by Serge Negri @ Bamboo Studios, Brooklyn, USA
Mastered by Robert Honablue @ THI Audio, Brooklyn, USA

Special thanks to remixer!

Gene King appears courtesy Shines Records
John Crockett appears courtesy of Haus\'Flaur Recordings
Kalim Shabazz appears courtesy of Kabazz Music
Tyrone Francis appears courtesy Black & Yellow Records


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