Is Stretching Bad For Your Golf Warm Up?

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Is Stretching Bad For Your Golf Warm Up?

Post by Frank_Hewitt5201234 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:40 am

Is Stretching Bad For Your Golf Warm Up?

There has been some news lately that stretching before golf (warm up) may be bad for your game. Can this be real? I mean, when is stretching EVER bad for an athlete or recreational sport person? I think saying the Fers Ping term bad, hurtful, harmful is a bit too strong, but I will say that there is more effective types of stretching to prepare your body for golf.Static Golf StretchingThe above picture is me demonstrating a very effective static (holding) stretch for your shoulders and lower back. This would not be one you would do before Titleist driver practice or play.The articles mentioning this negative view on stretching before golf are most likely referring to static/hold stretching (see above picture). This is where you get into a position and hold the stretch for 10,20,30 or even 60 seconds. This type of stretching is very effective on your driver titleist 910 d3 golf days. Its a way to break through tight muscle fibers and get to higher levels of flexibility.Unfortunately, before golf or practice is not a time you want to hold a stretch for longer than say 5 seconds. Doing so removes the sensory feelings you may have in your tendons, ligaments and even muscles, and when you go to fire them to swing up to 80+ MPH they are not ready for such a dynamic and explosive movement.Dynamic Golf StretchingThe picture above is showing me demonstrating a movement, golf-specific stretching, rotating with a club back and forth in my golf posture. This will stretch your golf muscles specific to 910 d3 driver your swing. You will get to the first tee feeling very prepared to smack that golf ball.Dynamic stretching is very effective in getting your body and muscles ready to perform at an optimal level. Focusing on muscles groups dynamically is the way to warm up for golf.If you looking for a complete golf stretching program, including a dynamic golf warm up, you might want to take a look at our Total Golf Stretching ebook.


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