House Club Fitness debut release-Fit Mix-Charles Webster

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House Club Fitness debut release-Fit Mix-Charles Webster

Post by Robbi on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:36 am

isten/buy Fit Mix-Charles Webster on ITUNES HERE

Fit Mix by Charles Webster
New year. New you. New music to get you there.

House Club Fitness is honored to debut the first Fit Mix release featuring Charles Webster. Fit Mix is a workout mix featuring legendary, underground house artists and their music.

Fit Mix includes three tracks:
Endurance | 60-minute mix made for cardiovascular exercise
Strength | 30-minute mix made for strength training
Reflect | 10-minute mix made for stretching and cool down

Charles Webster is a true innovator in the electronic music scene. He has produced hundreds of tracks, sold thousands of albums, and travels the world bringing his classy, deep house to the adoring masses. He has never been considered mainstream by neatly sidestepping flavor of the moment fads, and has developed his own unique path. He is a highly respected, and partners with others from around the world to make amazing music. Born in the rural Peak District, England, he played in electronic bands from school age using first guitar, then synthesizer, and drum machine at age 15. Involvement in the underground sound system led to the birth of multiple labels including, Love From San Francisco, REMOTE, and his current label, Miso Records. Webster works under many aliases including Furry Phreaks, Presence, Version, and more.

Fit Mix. Work it out.

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