Building Relationships: The Easy Way to Success

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Building Relationships: The Easy Way to Success

Post by TineMitra on Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:43 am

Who: Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
What: Free Training Interview Series
When: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST
Where: Online or Via Phone
Cost: *FREE*

A key factor in success is developing long-term relationships with the people you meet. But many people go about it the wrong way. Every interaction could lead to a business deal whether directly or indirectly. Or better yet, it could lead to a friendship, and who doesnít want to work with people they really like?? As Iím sure youíve heard, and most likely experienced, statistics show that someone is more likely to hire a friend or someone they like. Makes sense right? During this interview David will share his secrets to building rapport with others, heíll talk about key questions to ask, what to focus on during the conversation, and heíll give you tips on how to feel comfortable and confident in a group of people, even if you donít know anyone.

David Anderton Bio: At 14 years old David started his first mail order company. By 19 he was a real estate investor who was successfully buying and flipping homes. Heís now a leading San Francisco Realtor who sells individual properties ranging from $500,000 to $28.5 Million, with a current listing portfolio of $71.5 million, and a focus on growing his business to $300+ million a year in sales.


Upcoming Interview Topics Include:

* Social Capital Ė How to Create & Leverage It (Featuring Craig Pravda)

* Building Relationships: The Easy Way to Success (Featuring David Anderton)

* How to Build Up a High Quality Business Network (Featuring Bob Johnston)

* The Secret to Building a Powerful Network: CARE (Featuring Dan Lack)

* Creating Effective, Attention Grabbing Marketing for Your Specific Demographic (Featuring Bryce Gruber)

* And MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED! Check Site for Full Details

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Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs was founded to teach both aspiring and established business owners how to achieve success by learning from others as they mentor you through the process. The fastest way to learn is from someone else who has already made the mistakes and experienced the pitfalls and who can guide you so you avoid them. Thus, achieving success at a faster pace!


To find out more visit - where you can also sign up for free training along with our business tips newsletter!
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