[Vocal House] Chanelle & Kathy Brown on Kontinuous Music

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[Vocal House] Chanelle & Kathy Brown on Kontinuous Music

Post by The_Joint on Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:06 am

New Jersey songstress Chanelle returns with a vengeance "Lift Me To Heaven"

Full Support from Evan Landes (Groove Junkies), Stereo Mutants, Victor Simonelli, Flash Brothers, Rob Duggan, Scott Langley, Randy Schlager, Cherokee, Groove Assassins, Jim Shaft Ryan, Miss Nine, Dino Michael, Tony Ritschard, Peter K, Shawn Phillips, Jon Pierce...


Like her earlier works, "One Man" and " Work That Body", "Lift me To Heaven" is an uplifting tune that commands the audience to sing along. A song written about a relationship so perfect that it's effect is to "lift her straight to heaven" and into the arms of angels. Chanelle's powerful distinctive vocal flows over four different musical arrangements; each meant to bring a different energy to your dance floor.
The Anthem mix continues the Deep Influence tradition of quality "big room' mixes meant to bring serious peak energy through driving synths and frenetic beats.

The TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) mixes pay homage to the string and keyboard driven classic "Philly" sound of the late 1970's and include a strong piano riff and soaring strings over a solid rhythm track.The TSOP breakdown version starts with an string and accapella opening and builds to a full instrumental and is a perfect opener or transition to classic sets.

Dave's Moody mix features a brooding baseline and aggressive syth sounds and the Organic mix features a deep subby bassline, energetic drum and rhythm tracks and a driving piano riff which compliment Chanelle's uplifting leads and spiritual backgrounds.

Kathy Brown remix pack featuring today's hottest remix producers.

Full Support from Joey Negro, Abicah Soul, ASLE BJORN, Andy Ward, Graham Gold, Tedd Patterson, Rich Medina, DeepCitySoul , Grant Nelson, Stereo Mutants, Hector Romero, Graeme Park, Timo Garcia, Davidson Ospina, Booker T, Andy Roberts, 2 Good Souls, Phil Hooton, Flash Brothers, Danny Rampling, Mannix, Shawn Phillips, The Driver Brothers, DJ Dove, Jon Silva, Paul Lomax, Scott Langley...

Sol Brother's Andrew Galea, Matt Early & Two Good Souls, Master Kev & Tony Loreto, Duce Martinez and James Anthony add their own distinctive flavor to the project. Building around Kathy Brown's powerful vocals, each remixer delivers a smash new version. Co-producer Deep Influence rounds out the package with his banging new 'Circuit Remix'.


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