Spiritual Life - Steal vybe feat Rich Medina(Chris Forman & QUentin Harris mxs)

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Spiritual Life - Steal vybe feat Rich Medina(Chris Forman & QUentin Harris mxs)

Post by Robbi on Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:12 am

Listen/buy Spiritual Life -
C. Forman, D. Bennett, R. Medina on TRAXSOURCE

Where do you go to find your peace when the noise around you is oh so loud? Do you ever dance in silence to a beat on your own, loud & proud? When tunes like this capture your mind, you may find yourself doing just that, dancing in silence on your own to the beat.

Steal Vybe Music revisits eclectic single, Spiritual Life - Steal Vybe feat. Rich Medina. The rhythmic vocal from Rich takes you on a journey that lets your mind be free and connects you to a spiritual life.

The Chris Forman Far Out Mix is full of magic and is charged with energy packed with stacked synth stabs and throbbing bass lines. The memorizing kick and 4-count off snare strikes are designed to make the body move. There is also a Stripped Down Mix knitted with a taste of bass and vocals for those that like it dark and hard during peak hours.

While the Original Main Mix is reworked by Chris Forman with a touch of Funk & Soul Re-Production giving it an acoustic-styled twist equipped with concrete bottoms and percussion.

The Quentin Harris Remixes will not disappoint. He sets the tone with a bumpin bass groove accompanied by atmospheric pads, piano licks, and synth melodies.
Also included are the mixes that started it all, The Main Mix and the 2nd Healing Mix is perfect for the late night and after hours dance floor sessions.


C. Forman, D. Bennett, R. Medina
Music: Produced by Chris Forman & Damon Bennett for Steal Vybe
Lyrics: Written by Rich Medina
Lead Vocals: Rich Medina
Percussion: Carlos Izaguirre
Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Gabrielle Guma
Bass: Ehud

Chris Forman Far Out Remix and Funk Re-Production:
All Music & Drum Programming and Percussion by Chris Forman

Quentin Harris Remix:
Music and drum Programming by Quentin Harris

Publishing: Chris Cee Rule Forman Music ASCAP/ Creators-Child Music ASCAP
For licensing inquiries please contact:cee_rule@yahoo.com
Marketing/Media Contact:
Maxwell McAlister
Public Relations

Chris Forman

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24 hrs of banging dance music in surround sound



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