Saturday Oct. 11th - No Inhibitions w/ NiCe7 and Alexi Delano | Slake NYC

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Saturday Oct. 11th - No Inhibitions w/ NiCe7 and Alexi Delano | Slake NYC

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Biohazard Promotions presents:


NYC's Newest and Hottest House & Techno Music Experience!


Red Room: NiCe7 / Alexi Delano w/ Support By: Tones

Propaganda Room: Kellam / Rissa Garcia / Mario Piacentino

Time: 10pm to 4am | Age 21+ | Dress Code: Trendy

New York, NY - Saturday, October 11th, 2014 – It is  really hard to remember how parties used to be before mandatory bottle  service and social media controlled New York City nightlife. Nightclubs  used to be a place where people could put life’s pressures on hold,  dance freely to amazing music, and interact with each other without  antagonism. One could just be themselves without fear of judgment or  ridicule. The amount of money in your bank account or how many Facebook  friends you had were not means of acceptance or prerequisites for being  cool. It was all about respect - respect for the party, respect for the  music, and most of all…respect for each other! Extravagance was  commonplace and risqué acts were ubiquitous. Having a fun time  and meeting some new friends was all that was on the agenda.  Unfortunately, most of these concepts have withered with the rise of  commercial EDM and the “bedroom DJ”.

Biohazard Promotions plans to rejuvenate NYC nightlife by presenting their newest party: “No Inhibitions”

The best way to describe “No Inhibitions” is a fun  and exciting night out with no regrets. Although the music is the  predominant factor, the party also focuses on the aesthetics by  appropriately blending visuals, artwork, culture, and dancers to provide  a unique and “old school” vibe for partygoers. “No Inhibitions” will feature some of the best international House & Techno music artists that you may or may not be familiar with.

The first rendition of “No Inhibitions” aptly entitled “The Introduction” will occur in the heart of Manhattan at the top floor of SLAKE. Formerly the prestigious Rebel nightclub, SLAKE  is a sexy and mysterious labyrinth of twisting hallways, staircases,  and wide-open dance floors. Composed of two beautiful rooms: The Red  Room and the Dark Room, the entrance to the introduction of “No Inhibitions”  will be marked by a gold door and can’t be missed. Once inside, patrons  will find an eclectic balance of industrial design, cozy décor, and  massive installations from world-renowned artists. Each room is equipped  with a state of the art sound and lighting system and the open layout  allows people to interact and dance without restraint. SLAKE was built for those who wish to escape from the mundane and immerse themselves in the sound of the underground.

The introduction of “No Inhibitions” will feature the NYC debut of NiCe7. NiCe7  is the Italian duo comprised of Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marroco.  Nicola and Cesare both started DJing when they were teenagers, and later  joined forces in 2005.They have been releasing tracks for nearly 10  years on some of the biggest house and techno record labels, including Noir Music, Defected, Great Stuff, CR2, Toolroom, Nervous, Kittball, and Kling Klong. Winners of the 2012 Beatport awards for best tech house track of the year (“Point”), NiCe7 are the latest Italian stars to emerge in the Deep Tech House market. In 2013, NiCe7 teamed up with fellow Italian DJ/producers and longtime friends, Pirupa and Leon to create the record label, D-Floor, to further extend their sexy and innovative sound. Receiving incredible support and play by top artists such as Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Solomon, Dennis Ferrer, and countless others, NiCe7  have played all over the world. Their stupendous schedule has included  tours in Australia and Europe as well as festivals in Germany, Greece,  Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, and the UK. They are  often headliners on “Defected” events and extraordinary parties in Ibiza. NiCe7 was also recently named as future stars on Pete Tong’s infamous radio show broadcasted on BBC Radio One.

Along with NiCe7, “No Inhibitions” will feature world-renowned Techno giant, Alexi Delano. Known as part of the Swedish wave of electronic music producers of the mid 90’s, Alexi Delano  has been performing for over 2 decades. Born in Chile, he now finds  himself living in Brooklyn and consistently headlining at clubs such as Output, TBA Brooklyn, Cielo, and just recently at the grand opening of Space Ibiza New York. Alexi has also been on the bill for numerous underground parties hosted by Resolute, Blk|Market, and Bang!On. He has produced 5 albums throughout his career and released on labels such as Plus 8, Minus, Drumcode, Items & Things, Leftroom, Sleaze, and many many more! Recently re-launching his label AD Limited and finalizing his 6th project for the Swedish Techno label, H-Productions, his style is best described as one that sways neatly between shiny House & dark Techno.

Tones is a New York native, hailing originally from the Bronx.   His appreciation and love for music began at the age of 8 through  experimenting with a variety of wind and percussion instruments. He  later purchased turntables and a few records to see if he could emulate  the mixing skills and musical creativity of influential artists such as  Danny Tenaglia and Junior Vasquez. Creating a “flow” came easy and  within a few years he learned how to keep the crowd engaged by using  catchy synths, deep organic bass lines, and classic vocals. He hosts a  monthly podcast called “Technition” and has recently created a new House  label by the name of Technition Records.


251 W. 30th St B/W 7th & 8th Avenues
        New York, NY 10001

Guest List:
Table Reservations:

For more info on NiCe7:
For more info on Alexi Delano: Visit
For more info on Tones:  Visit

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