LUSTER also developed unique Weekend White

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LUSTER also developed unique Weekend White

Post by haldishenrry on Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:47 am

Brush on super whitening gel - repeat these steps two times a day for three days Dental Curing Light

LUSTER has taken brushing your teeth to the next level by introducing a new Whitening Toothpaste called WHITE 7 that redefines the marketplace. WHITE 7 is the first toothpaste to combine the effective whitening effect of active dental peroxide with the power of therapeutic grade essential oils for whole mouth health. Unique benefits of WHITE 7 include:

Contains seven whitening ingredients: by using active professional peroxide this toothpaste will whiten TWO TIMES more effectively than the leading brand.

Professional, doctor-developed: created through the collaboration of medical doctor, dentist and Ph.D. research scientist, the result is a powerful whitening toothpaste you can trust

Contains Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils called Citranene(TM)

Eubiotics: A proprietary blend of 45 natural essential oils imported from Provence, France are blended together forming a symphony of essential oils that allows the toothpaste to combat odor-causing bacteria, promote a healthy mouth, and give the user a clean feel after brushing.


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