Alan King "Love Will" August Mix,picnic footage+Booking Info

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Alan King "Love Will" August Mix,picnic footage+Booking Info

Post by Robbi on Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:37 am

Listen to Alan King "Love Will" Mix HERE

Watch Alan King starting his Set at Chosen Few picnic 2013 HERE

Read Magazine's take on The Chosen Few Picnic 2013HERE

Alan is one of Chicago’s original house music DJs and a member of the legendary DJ crew “The Chosen Few” (Wayne Williams, Alan King, Jesse Saunders, Tony Hatchett, Andre Hatchett and Terry Hunter). In a 2007 interview discussing his move back to Chicago, Grammy Award winning DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles observed: "One of the best things about returning to Chicago is catching up with some of the home-grown talent. I like to hear the spin that some of them put on house music - that's what sparks me. The brilliant Andre Hatchett is the perfect example. He is one of two guys in Chicago who have the biggest impact on me. The other is Alan King. They are the truest to the house music form, yet there is soul, personality and individuality in what they're doing. They're the real thing."

In the late '70s and early '80s, the Chosen Few DJs were among the DJs primarily responsible for spreading the soulful brand of dance music that came to be known as "House Music" at legendary Chicago night spots, including First Impressions, Sauer's, the Playground and the Loft, a club of historic importance in the birth and development of House Music. Still together more than 30 years later and with the addition of their youngest member, legendary DJ and producer Terry Hunter, the Chicago DJs bring you the annual Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic every July in Chicago, one of the largest house music festival events in the world!
Alan regularly plays at Chicago's hottest nightspots and makes DJ appearances around the country, including the Winter Music Conference in Miami, New York's Sullivan Room, and Club Life in Atlanta, Ga. Since 2010, Alan has also maintained his monthly residency "Chosen Few Saturdays" the third Saturday of every month at Lounge 52 in Chicago. Alan has been featured in numerous articles, blogs and documentary films about house music, including Chip's E's acclaimed documentary "The Unusual Suspects: Once Upon a Time in House Music." Alan and the rest of the Chosen Few DJs were also recently honored at a celebration honoring the 100 Most Influential DJs in Chicago House Music History.

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