Event Name/Title: Looking For Money For Your Business or to Start a Business?

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Event Name/Title: Looking For Money For Your Business or to Start a Business?

Post by athenabusinessinstitute@g on Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:48 am

Women Learn About Funding Sources Available Regardless of their Credit Score, Assets, or Track Record

What:            Free Virtual Women’s Business Funding Summit
Who:             Athena Business Institute
When:           July 15th - 26th, 2013
Where:          Online
Time:            1pm & 9pm EDT
Register:       http://www.AthenaBusinessInstitute.com
Cost:             $0

During the free virtual Women’s Business Funding Summit Athena Business Institute founder Serena Walker will interview experts who will share their funding insights and secrets. Women will learn how to obtain funding for their businesses regardless of their credit score, assets, experience as a business owner, or, their list of contacts. Women will also have an opportunity to win over $3k in prizes geared toward helping them achieve their business and funding goals, just by registering for the summit.

The main question answered during the funding summit is "What happens if I don't qualify for traditional funding, or what happens if I don't qualify for enough funding?”. Some of the other questions answered include: If I don't qualify for a traditional loan, what are my options?, How do I determine the correct amount of money to ask for?, What is crowdfunding and how can it work for my business?, How can I use contests and competitions to fund my business?, What are some of the lesser known forms of funding?, and What do different types of investors look for and how can I find them? During the online interviews women will have an opportunity for their additional questions to be answered live by the experts.

Some of the experts being interviewed include: Stacey Ferriera from My Social Cloud who will talk about how a tweet helped her obtain funding from Richard Branson, Keeley Tillotson and Erica Welsh from Wild Friends Foods who will talk about how they used the show Shark Tank to obtain more than just funding, and Natalia Oberti Noguera from Pipeline Fellowship who trains women investors and who will who will give an insider perspective on what investors look for in a business.  

During the funding summit over $3,000 in prizes will be given away in a raffle drawing and everyone who registers will be entered to win. Prizes include: a ticket to the “Crowdfund with Ease” online training hosted by Patty Lennon from Mom Gets a Life, a ticket to the “Truth or Dare” live event hosted by Carolyn Herfurth from The BizTruth, a Business Idea Feasibility Session with Adrienne Graham from EmpowerMe!, access to the CrowdBuilder PR platform from Joy Schoffler, a strategy session with Alan Brody from iBreakfast plus a ticket to one of his live events and a copy of his book “Are You Fundable?”, and a 6 month membership to Sarah’s Success Secrets Community hosted by Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette.

For a detailed list of topics and speakers and to register visit http://www.AthenaBusinessInstitute.com

While this funding summit is geared toward women, men are also invited to attend.

The Athena Business Institute was founded to provide women around the world with strategies and resources necessary to build and fund successful businesses. We provide access to funding information through free virtual summits, in person events, online training programs, and a private online community.

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