Party in The Hamptons!

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Party in The Hamptons!

Post by davidshapiro on Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:52 am

Saturday Night Party at “Georgica”

108 Wainscott Stone Road, East Hampton, NY

10PM until Late!

Join & friends on Saturday nights. RSVP for reduced admission and VIP entry.

Table service available.

Feel free to call 212-579-4844 to make dinner reservations or if you need a place to stay for the night or weekend.

David Shapiro offers the Best Hamptons Summer Share house. Most everything is included with only the highest level of service and everything done in good taste. This house offers everything, please visit to find out more about us.

The Best Summer House in the Hamptons


Hamptons 2013

Our luxurious estate boasts 3 1/2 acres of secluded property on the border of

Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton, with convenient access to nearby clubs,

lounges, restaurants, and beaches. The Bridgehampton bus and train stops are just minutes away.


Our house has every comfort, luxury, and convenience you could want!

Guests have access to our full-size heated pool; 8-person hot tub; spacious sundeck;

basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts; jacuzzi; wide-screen TV; fully equipped

kitchen; high-end BBQ; and more.

The house also has high-speed Wi-Fi access and all the modern office equipment...

just in case your boss is a jerk who makes you work on summer weekends Smile

First-Class Service

To us, constant maid service throughout the weekend is not a luxury, but a necessity.

We always take care to ensure our house is both fun and immaculately clean.

We're also the only house that provides blankets, sheets, and pillows for our guests.

Call us crazy, but we don't think a bed is much of a bed without those.

Also, don't be too surprised to come in on Saturday after a relaxing day by the pool

to find your room cleaned and your bed made for you again. You didn't

accidentally wander into the wrong room!

Everything You Need

While some places leave you to fend for yourself, we think that no house is ever complete without plenty of food and drinks for the guests!

Our in-house chef prepares 6 meals every weekend from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

Flexible Scheduling

Maybe you have some friends getting married. Maybe you have an overseas business trip.

We definitely know you have other things going on this summer...and

we also know your commitments are not going to fall into a neat little pattern of alternating weekends.

While other houses can force you into a rigid schedule, we let you pick exactly which and how many of the 15 summer weekends you want. It's a unique concept for the Hamptons, but then again, our entire house is a unique concept for the Hamptons Smile

Reasonable Pricing

Prices are 20% less than alternatives so that all our friends can afford to stay and play in the Hamptons. All major credit cards are accepted.

I know it doesn't make good sense for me to offer more and charge less, but it seems to make everyone happy...except for my accountant.

For more information about summer shares, call us anytime at 212-579-4844.

Pleas visit us at to view all our pictures, and to find out more info on or events, parties and vacations.

Your friend,

David Shapiro

212-579-4844, Inc.

500 East 85th Street

New York, NY 10028


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