Better Days EP - DJ Skatie, DJ Dalas, Canuel

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Better Days EP - DJ Skatie, DJ Dalas, Canuel

Post by Robbi on Thu May 30, 2013 6:01 pm

Listen/Buy Better Days EP-DJ Skatie, DJ Dalas, CanuelHERE

New Generation Records is proud to present DJ Skatie EP Better Days. By Nkateko Vukosi Leroy Masango aka (DJ Skatie)
1 Tell Me (Remix) - DJ Skatie and DJ Dalas ft Canuel.
2 Alma Tune - DJ skatie
3 Hand Moove - Skatie
4 Get Away - DJ Skatie
5 Giyani La casa - DJ Skatie
Sound on house BMI
Executive Producers
Larry La Birt, Kevin Oliphant, Mike LaBirt
New Generation Records House Music Since 1989
Sound on House BMI


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