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Propaganda! 053: Gregor Tresher | Meandisco | Zenbi & More!

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Come see for yourself what makes the Electronic Dance Music world go round...
The people, the vibe, the talent…




[Cocoon | Drumcode | Ovum]

is not the first word used in connection with most DJs, but there is
much more the metier of Germany's Gregor Tresher than simply playing
records, as Lights From The Inside attests. In fact, after he completed
pre-production on his third full-length, Tresher actually stepped away
from the decks for six weeks to clear his head. "DJing is my first
profession," he admits. "It's what I love to do and what I have been
doing for almost twenty years now, even before before I started to write
my own music." In the past two years, the producer of 2008's
best-selling Techno track on Beatport ("A Thousand Nights") has aspired
to make music he would want to play out. "But for this record, I had
the feeling that this shouldn't be my priority." While Lights From The
Inside features several songs sure to find favor with Tresher's
nightclub colleagues—"Frontline", "Breaking Routines," the giddy "As
Days Go By" (recently issued as a single on Josh Wink's Ovum label)—this
twelve-song odyssey operates on multiple levels.

Just as a painting or photograph appears to move if one stares at it
long enough, with close listening the stratified grooves and melodies
assembled on Lights From The Inside reveal an organic universe of
shifting sound. Meticulous attention to the latter element—melody—was
of utmost concern to the Frankfurt resident. Not obvious, eight-bar
earworms that would quickly exhaust their welcome, but musical lines
that could repeat and intertwine in different patterns, "melodies that
are more subtle and develop as you're listening." In this regard,
Lights From The Inside harks back to Tresher's earlier releases, even
as his aesthetic continues to evolve in new directions.

Tone color was also a key consideration. "Most of the music was
written in two months, but finding the perfect sounds and putting them
together took much longer." Listen to the interplay of slow-moving
tones and twinkling sounds on the title track, or how muted snare hits
reverberate against the chilly lower registers of "Leaving". It's no
coincidence that the almost-tactile crackles, clanks and pops animating
the whole album sometimes recall Depeche Mode's Construction Time
Again; the 35 year-old producer cites that 1984 classic as a longtime
inspiration, alongside work by other electro-pop iconoclasts from that

The album's play of light against darkness and its pervasive mood of
melancholy, both underscored by its title, betray a more specific
influence on Tresher's latest offering: The Cure's Disintegration. As on
that 1989 landmark, he aspired to create an all-encompassing sense of
atmosphere, as well as a comprehensive album that covered varied
emotional terrain. Towards that end, specific set pieces guide the shape
and flow of the record: The menacing opener "Shadow Layers"; the
concise, ebullient interlude "If Only"; and "Destroy," a metallic,
rumbling closer that concludes the album with an air of questions
yet-unanswered. Tresher aspires to create what another producer once
sagely called "music that makes you dance and cry at the same time."
With its simultaneous, synchronized appeal to the feet, head and heart,
Lights From The Inside succeeds.

Gregor Tresher began his career as a DJ in Frankfurt in the early
'90s; today, he can be found plying that trade at venues around the
world, from Berlin to Tokyo, Sydney to Los Angeles. Following two
critically-acclaimed albums credited to his Sniper Mode alias, Tresher
broke through as a producer under his own name via his 2005 releases
Still and Neon, his remix of Sven Väth's "Komm," and his contribution
to Cocoon's Compilation F, "Full Range Madness." In addition to
releasing tracks on countless other esteemed labels, including Intacto,
Great Stuff, Rebel One, Ovum, and Moon Harbour, Tresher launched his
own eclectic imprint, Break New Soil, in 2009. Lights From The Inside
is the third Gregor Tresher studio album, following his debut A
Thousand Nights (2007) and The Life Wire (2009).

[Great Stuff | Hotfingers | Stereo]

in Philadelphia and based in Washington DC, ZENBI is quickly becoming
one of the hottest names in America’s burgeoning house music scene.
With newly minted residencies at three of the hottest dance clubs in the
US, and a handful of recent top ten tracks to back it up, ZENBI is
establishing himself as one of the most in-demand DJ/Producers in the

On the road, ZENBI has packed crowds from Boston to Budapest, Milan to
Miami, and performed at major dance music festivals including BPM,
Miami Winter Music Conference, Groove Cruise, SodaPop Milano, and ADE
(Amsterdam Dance Event). ​

At home, ZENBI’S releases have received massive support from an
ever-increasing list of talented and influential artists including
Moby, Mark Knight, Marco Carola, Stefano Noferini, Roger Sanchez, Umek.
In addition, ZENBI's productions have been favorably reviewed by
major industry media properties including DJ Times, DJ Magazine, and
EDM Site Dancing Astronaut.

[Sullivan Room | The Loop]



coming back from doing events in Denmark, Latvia and Croatia,
Meandisco re-joined together with SR SERGE to re-invent Sullivan Room -
NY’s longest running underground dance club, into a multi platform
talent outlet; Sullivan Room Records and re-launch their event brand
PROPAGANDA! With over 50 successful events already, he keeps the floors
hot with a variety of artists such as; Pig & Dan, Shlomi Aber,
Yousef, Santé, Maher Daniel, Mikael Stavostrand, Silky, Djuma

...In addition to taking Sullivan Room brand to Sao Paulo, Brazil, he
brings exceptional talent weekly, keeps a busy tour schedule and
upcoming releases; the Sullivan Room Vol 3 Compilation, remixes and
productions… Gene also runs a weekly party THE LOOP exposing new local
and featuring artists like; Marco Bailey, Stephan Bodzin, John Tejada,
Oliver Lieb, Andhim, Figueroa…

[size=21][size=16]Dre Guazzelli

[D-Edge - Sao Paulo]

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