Jenna G, Krystal Klear - MORE ATTENTION EP

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Jenna G, Krystal Klear - MORE ATTENTION EP

Post by Robbi on Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:08 am

Listen/buy Jenna G, Krystal Klear - MORE ATTENTION EP HERE


Released through MadTech Records,
Beatport Exclusive – 24th September 2012
General Release – 8th October 2012

KCMTDL004 Digital Download / 12” Vinyl

MadTech Records are back with another winning recipe. This time it’s in the shape of the new single from Krystal Klear “More Attention”. This stellar track is accompanied by the equally excellent B-Side “My Love Is Burning”. Both tracks are reminiscent of late 80’s / early 90’s sounds using samples to resuscitate the ghosts of past genres with a firm current house beat snapping it back to a contemporary cutting edge house sound.

Krystal Klear’s nostalgic sound is created in a sea of synthesisers, hooks, drum machines and samples that are weighted by present-day bass licked house beats.

“More Attention” is a classic, timeless dance hit, with just the right concoction of bassy house beats and dreamy vocals to tear up any dance floor in its path. Those vocals provided by Jenna G, a born musician. Both Jenna’s parents were in bands and she grew up with music in her blood. She first started presenting and DJ'ing on pirate radio at the tender age of 14. Jenna taught herself how to mix as she was revising for her exams, and it wasn’t long before she discovered she had the perfect voice to match her beats too. With releases such as “In Love” and countless collaborations under her belt (with Doctor P, HeavyFeet, Camo & Krooked) we’re very pleased to have her lend her vocal styling to this track!

“My Love Is Burning” is the perfect partner track to any release. The 90’s dance hit is refreshing yet cutting with its four-four assembly. Guaranteed to get your foot tapping and head nodding any time of the day.

Early DJ Support:

DJ Sneak: ‘Super nice!’
Sinden: ‘So vibes man, both sides are my style.’
Toddla T: ‘Sick!’
Huxley: ‘Great ep again from the new Madtech’
Dusky: ‘Really feeling 'My Love Is Burning' thanks!’
Ashley Beedle: ‘A couple of killer tracks with a great old school feel that's so now. Love this!’
Steve Mill: ‘Love them both, exactly what I m playing and enjoying at the moment.Thanks!’
Tony Lionni: ‘Well done guys will play my love is burning..’
DJ EZ: ‘Wicked!!’
Matt Jam Lamont: ‘90's vibes.. love it’
Tony Humphries: ‘Lovin' this early 90's sound!’
Layo: ‘sounds old and new, but either way, good!’
Robert Owens: ‘nice vibe on both tracks’
DJ Allbury (Rinse FM): ‘These make feel like i've been time warped back in time into the Chicago House / House Hacienda movement of how it used to be but in present mode, definately party / warehouse club material for true raver’

For more info and interviews contact: / / 020 8961 5202


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