Mizuno MX 700 Drivers' level in golf clubs

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Mizuno MX 700 Drivers' level in golf clubs

Post by Scorpio1987 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:58 pm

I have the Mizuno MX 700 Driver and agree that the performance is on par with the cheapest drivers out there. The MX-700 driver is certainly easy to hit and even higher handicappers will find they can achieve consistent distance and direction off the tee. The Mizuno MX-700 Driver actually has a pretty extreme look and feel consist of previous Mizuno big sticks. I have managed to hit longer straighter shots with the MX-700. This driver has a massive sweetspot and sounds amazing. I bought this driver from the online golf shop and think it is a great value for the money spent.

The Mizuno MX 700 Driver as opposed id very thrilling. The ball can seem to travel forever. Any lot of the time that is certainly excellent, however start this in the completely wrong direction and in which can always be extremely terrible. This is not really a criticism of the driver.It can how it is supposed to. The issue is my personal tendency to swing any driver too hard. Creating a club in which commences similar to the Mizuno MX 700 in which is lightweight, since well, only would make myself want to swing harder...together with estimated results. However, so long as we manage my swing velocity, I came across that fairly easy to keep the ball in the brief lawn.


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