[NYC] Propaganda! 031: Sante (Souvenir / Noir Music - Berlin)

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[NYC] Propaganda! 031: Sante (Souvenir / Noir Music - Berlin)

Post by saxe83 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:42 pm

Come see for yourself what makes the Electronic Dance Music world go round... The people, the vibe, the talent…


Sante [Souvenir / Noir Music / Moon Harbour - Berlin]

It’s time to give you a detailed overview of the most promising upcoming
producer, dj & live act, who just got voted no. 1 - top charted
artists in May 2012 on Resident Advisor.

….and not enough: his release “Mothership” on 8bit has been voted to no. 1 of the RA top 50 tracks of May 2012!
RA top 50 tracks May 2012

Just returned from his successful tour in USA & Mexico and Asia,
Santé released the co-produced albums of Monika Kruse & Turntable
Rockers, who are gaining lots of attention and the next hot releases for
labels as 8Bit, Noir & Kompakt are in the pipeline.

Last but not least, Santé just launched his own label “A Votre Santé”
with big success. The first release “Re.You feat. Ahmad – Fever” is sold
out already.

DANI LEHMAN [Legion of Boom - NYC]

New York City became an artistic breeding ground
and networking opportunity for Dani, which she utilized to full
potential with repeat appearances at top NYC nightclubs like District
36, Pacha, Cielo and regular gigs at Sullivan Room, including an
infamous blowout midnight-spot NYE show to bring in 2010. It was during
this New York transition when Dani found her true voice and love for
minimal tech house music… a sound that has been her musical forte and
passion ever since. Since then, Dani has teamed up with fellow dj and
close friend Keryn, together headlining events all across NJ and
Philadelphia. Refusing to settle down, the two dazzling dj’s went on to
establish Break Bookings, a female booking agency featuring some of the
finest female talents in the tri-state area. Together they worked
towards integrating female talent into the dj community, ensuring that
each talent be provided the proper exposure, time slots, and partnership
opportunities that every starving Diva in the industry not only
deserves, but needs. This, combined with securing a monthly radio show
on Di.fm, and special guest appearances on Frisky and Proton radio, led
Dani Lehman’s name to buzz across the tri-state scene, quickly leading
to yet even more success...

Known for her dark sexy groovy bass heavy beats, Dani Lehman is a DJ’s
DJ who plays straight from the heart, riding with a personal sense of
stylistic freedom that only compliments classiness to her vastly unique
and sophisticated sound. The headphones tattooed on her neck say it all:
Dani Lehman as a dj is not just a sound or a name… it’s a way of living

DJ OCASO [Pure.Fm]

Better late than never, Dj Ocaso got his start at the age of 23, years
later than most others in the industry started out. He rediscovered his
passion to play music while in college and finally bought his first set
of CD decks and a mixer. Ocaso has constantly been a collector and an
enthusiast of EDM as well as other genres of music, which are
influential to him.

In the summer of 2010, Ocaso had earned a residency time slot on Pure.Fm
internet radio, which he was a fan of thanks to a friend back in
college. Pure.Fm enables Ocaso to reach out to a global audience with
his monthly show while being in the company of many talented Djs and
producers from around the world. In 2011, he was finally able to land a
few bookings at some local nightlife spots through the help of other Djs
who saw the potential in Ocaso. While many have doubted his decision to
pursue Dj-ing, he has shown others what he is capable of doing by
winning over their ears with his tasteful track selection and groovy
beats. Humbled by the support he has and through the people he’s met
along the way, Ocaso does it for the love of the music and holds a great
hope for what seems to be a promising future.

$15 w/ rsvp@sullivanroom.com



Twitter: @SullivanroomNYC




218 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012



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