HT Zero feat Stephanie Cooke - I Used To (No More)

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HT Zero feat Stephanie Cooke - I Used To (No More)

Post by Robbi on Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:55 am

Listen/Buy HT Zero feat Stephanie Cooke -
I Used To (No More) HERE

The latest FastFWD release is from HT Zero who first appeared on the Groove 201 EP alongside Atlanta house veteran Kai Alce. Stephanie Cooke, known for classic tracks on the likes of King Street and West End Records. The two collaborated, and the result was a gem of a track titled "I Used To (No More)." Now this magical cut gets retooled by FastFWD for this release with a quartet of remixers lending a hand. Just One, reknown for releases on Sonar Kollectiv and Neroli as well as sought after cuts in collaboration with DJ Kemet as Kemetic Just, provides two separate remixes tailor made to rock the spot. His Househeads Mix features a super swingy four- and-floor and a buzzy bass line anchoring Cooke's sultry vocals. Just One's Bruk Down Rinse dubs the vocals and takes the rhythm into broken beat / nu-R&B territory, intensifying the spaciousness. Moving things to a more traditional, but no less interesting, deep house territory is Peruvian producer Alvaro Ernesto. It's a warm and sexy mix with lots of lush accents and a rolling low end. FastFWD's staple production team of Sandman & Riverside go for a totally classic disco feel with their ambitious mix that serves up soulful house music heat with latin percussive fire and Cooke's full vocal way up front. The backing track is such a mover that the duo have also added an instrumental version to the package.


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