Double feeling--Titleist 2010 AP1 Irons

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Double feeling--Titleist 2010 AP1 Irons

Post by Scorpio1987 on Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:19 pm

Until now, Titleist 2010 AP1 Irons also name 710 AP1 Irons still on the hot list. They follow on from the success of the original Titleist AP1 Irons that were introduced back in 2008. AP stands for Advanced Performance and the new AP1 is a revamped version of the previous model which has been so popular over the past couple of years.

Titleist says its AP1 Irons are 'advanced performance, multi-material, dual cavity irons providing improved feel, great looks, shot control and higher flight with forgiveness for the avid to skilled golfer.Titleist have introduced several key changes and have spent a lot of time and effort focusing on making the feel of the irons a little more lively and active. The introduction of the new Tuned Feel System is said to improve both the sound and feel of the AP1. The Tuned Feel System is, in a nutshell, a co-molded medallion of soft elastomer and aluminum plating. The aluminum and elastomer face combined with a larger rear cavity produce a hotter and more active face, leading to longer distance as well. Titleist AP1 Irons offer a contemporary, confidence-inspiring appearance in the set up position with a traditional profile shape, soft blends, modern proportions and semi-under slung hosel. In a nutshell, even golfers with normally low self-esteem can suddenly use these clubs.

The Titleist 2010 AP1 Irons also features much improved short irons with consumer feedback dictating a shorter clubhead and a thinner topline meaning Titleists classic good looks are present throughout the set.


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