Mad Tech-Kashii-Rome EP

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Mad Tech-Kashii-Rome EP

Post by Robbi on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:17 pm

listen/buy Kashii-Rome EP HERE

'Rome' is the new four-track EP from 22-year-old electronic producer Kashii on the recently launched MadTech label. Kashii's style resonates twangs of many current genres including UK bass, house, tech-house and garage. Currently signed to Southern Fried, Kashii is releasing an exclusive EP with MadTech, with remixes from up-and-coming producers South London Ordnance and Lakosa.

'Rome' skips a cutting beat, meshed with intermittent vocals that build, aided by subtle chord changes that climax in a fully charged drop. The bellowing bass beneath warms the chopped stacatto style Kashii punches. Cosmic arpeggio samples shimmer above adding an exciting chaos to the rigid pounding structure.

Kashii's production in 'Make This' reverberates a more tech-house style through his use of nodding samples and syncopated percussion, which gives the track a contagious energy. Chords march below speeding into drop that's reminiscent of 90's dance tracks.

South London Ordnance's rework puts more emphasis on the bass, relaxing the track into a more minimal style. It builds with a calmer intensity adding squawks and hi hats until dropping into a pounding techy bass beat.

Lakosa's remix of 'Make This' ignites the same dancefloor power, Lakosa's production brings a softness to the track using warm chords and swishing samples that give it a hazier feel culminating in a powerful breakdown.

Support from ATFC, DJ Yass, Blaze Tripp, Grant Nelson, Jack Swift, Robert Owens, Fish Go Deep, Booker T and more!

All Tracks Produced by Kashii
Written by Gary West
Track 3 Remix & Additional Production by South London Ordnance
Track 4 Remix & Additional Production by Lakosa

Published by Champion Music

(P) Champion Records Ltd / Madtech Records 2012
(C) Champion Records Ltd / Madtech Records 2012


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