Taylormade R11s driver is all

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Taylormade R11s driver is all

Post by Scorpio1987 on Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:39 pm

Taylor made R11s Driver is yet another product that has been made so that it can be customized with player's style of playing and provides full functionality to the players. The driver allows full arm movement to the players so that the players can strike the ball hard towards the target. Typically this seems to be a good aiming tool and however since its closer to the heel you'll find that your shots travel further to the right or left (depending on your hand dexterity) than you intended.

The R11s is the follow up to the wildly successful R11. Raising eyebrows, TaylorMade launched an ad campaign that basically focused on its own product as the primary competition, touting the R11S as significantly longer than its predecessor, the original R11.The R11S is a golfer's dream come true; it's the realization of every ounce of innovation, adjustability, and performance we could package in a bigger, more aerodynamic, white clubhead," said Sean Toulon, executive vice president. "It would have been easy for our product creation team to rest on the laurels of the original R11 driver, the most successful product we've ever created. Instead, we're delivering golfers yet another significant advancement in adjustability and performance. And, with the proper fitting, we know golfers of all skill levels will be longer and straighter off the tee.As lots of golf players and stars know, Taylormade r11s series are the newest clubs from the golf world No.1 brand, and after Taylormade merged with the Adidas, each other's reputation is greater and greater.

We believe they will create more great goods for our customers. Following I will introduce you the Taylormade r11s driver with details. The Taylormade R11s Driver is faster, longer and more tunable than ever.


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