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Welcome to PR Ink!!

Post by NVUSMarketing on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:09 pm

What has happened to the burn in us? I mean, those whom are still trying to pursue our dream. I have the passion, but where is the burning sensation that runs through me when it is time to shine. Its like I get afraid of what could fail, before I try what I know will be a success. I like to write, and I am still just beginning to write this blog. I mean, how long really does it take me to comment on something to get a rise out of my chosen audience. Lord knows I have plenty of opinions. But I fear that I have to be an expert on the subject, and let’s face it, the media is far from experts in the chosen topics in which they chose to exploit, so the question remains, why should I? Why should I make my passion and dreams so much harder than they have to be. I mean any idiot knows that exposure is power. And I am not utilizing it to its fullest extent. How insightful or experienced do I have to be to just get off my chest what I love, or hate, or think about, translated into words on a computer screen for someone bored at work to read? I mean when it comes down to it, people just want something else to do rather than what it is they need to be doing. And that I think, is what had kept me from doing this for so long. Procrastination. Its very popular amongst the western culture, and then we all become that person with so many ideas, that maybe someone “stole” or “life kept us from achieving” when really it was just fear, in the form or procrastination. Well not me! Not any more. I will write whenever I get the notion, about whatever. So here it is. To tell you a little about myself, I feel like I am a little older than I should be to be trying to find, or succeed in my passion, but of course, that is just another form or procrastination in the form of excuses, that bore another fear into the world. I love marketing! Every aspect of it, from advertisement that you see on television, to the mastermind behind hidden messages on billboards that you may see everyday on your way to work. I am fascinated my the fast-paced life of special event planning, and events marketing campaigns, and how it gets “all the people who matter” involved, and spending their long, long dollars on something they say they believe in, or just looks great on paper. I even enjoy how small time club promoters get their own community of groovers and shakers psyched about gettin’ their groove on, spending money on drinks for people they don’t even know just in the name of “taking a load off”, cause the weekend is here. But my passion is in the magical world of media relations! Or for the common man, Public Relations. I know, if you’re a specialist in the field you have already recognized that this is just a fraction of what PR really entails, but what most audiences do not understand, is that to the client that is trying to get their specialty popularized to an enormous market, this is the bread and butter of PR. I have done the promoting, special events marketing, and even some advertising and I am not sure if I stayed in it long enough to find out how successful I could’ve been, however, I made huge strides while I dibbled and dabbled in it. Now I am exploring the fascinating world of Public Relations. The combo of all of the above, with huge emphasis on media, client, and human relations. It’s lot to swallow, on a big plate, but I know I’m up for it. I just have to remember not to scare myself into being afraid. I have huge interest in fashion, music and socializing, so I would like to introduce you into my fabulous world of PR Ink. If this interests you too, then you’re in for a magnificent treat! And if you relate at all to my fears, and little woes of procrastination, just let me know, I am not the only one, by replying back to me at this blog. My first blog, and I just want to thank you, for your attention.
Lovely- Welcome to PR Ink

My first blog! I hope u tune in more often.


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