Mad Tech(Kerri Chandler's New Label) - Citizen Deep End EP

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Mad Tech(Kerri Chandler's New Label) - Citizen Deep End EP

Post by Robbi on Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:42 pm

Citizen-Deep End EPHERE

Madtech's first release comes from fresh talent, Citizen, who will be leading the Madtech odyssey with his belting four-track EP, "Deep End".
The EP acts a true reflection of the labels sound, with Citizen engraving and paving the style and quality the label will pursue.
Citizen's production lands a strong introduction to the rich bass, cutting house sound that catalysed MadTech, carving the way for future Madtech artists, sprung into the future by their raw talent and the labels passion for quality stylistic house music.
"Deep End" leads the way, and uses a combination of drums that dance between each other creating gust and energy. The vocals above slowly build, climaxing into a firm UK bass-pounding drop that will shake systems with monstrous power.
"Truth", the second track on the EP is anchored by a weighty bass and fuelled by a deep muffled beat that determinedly pounds beneath.
"Came Through" uses its vocal to power a steady breakdown. The track is decorated with hi-hats, screaming with the passionate vocal, calmed by melodic chords until it drops into a weighty bass heavy bliss.
"Oh Gee"'s intro shimmers with sensitivity and calm. Cosmic chime sounds ripple effortlessly into a pounding beat. The track progresses, building layers out of multi-lined melodies and intricate beat patterns, which inspire a soaring atmosphere.
DJ Support:
Soul Clap: 'Came Through is deep and a little different. gunna give it a shot.' - 4/5
Phil Asher: 'I Love It!' - 4/5
Blaze Tripp: 'What a freakin ep! much love for this!' - 5/5
Danny Krivit: 'Cool EP!' - 3/5
Steve Mill: 'Brilliant grooves , great atmospheres in all 4 tracks, proper tech journey , yet musically lush. Absolutely in love.' - 5/5
Robert Owens: 'Came Through is a cool track' - 4/5
Anna Cavazos: 'Came Through is excellent!' - 5/5
DJ Naughty: 'Deep End Is The S%*T!!!' - 5/5
Booker T: 'Nice tracks!' - 4/5
Fish Go Deep: 'Fine ep, although I prefer the more laid back vibes of Came Through and Oh Gee. Both grooves working very well for me. Will play.' - 4/5
Laura Jones: 'Liking Deep End and loving Oh Gee. Thx' - 4/5
Q-Burns Abstract Message: 'Oh Gee is a wild ride ... starts small and ends up quite the big sound. Nice! Deep End is cool, as well.' -4/5
All Tracks Produced by Citizen
Written by Laurence Matthew Blake
Published by Champion Music
(P) Madtech Records 2012
(C) Madtech Records 2012


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