6/29 - 6 YEARS OF DRIVEN AM: SUBMORPHICS (Hospital Records)

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6/29 - 6 YEARS OF DRIVEN AM: SUBMORPHICS (Hospital Records)

Post by Driven AM on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:53 am

Friday June 29th


Established in 2006 in NYC, Driven AM is the premiere Drum and Bass Artist Management, Booking Agency, Record Label, and Event Coordinator for North American Drum and Bass. Driven AM artist roster: Calculon, Dave Owen, Dave Shichman, DB, Dj Seen, Dj Seoul, Dj Strife, Flaco, Grimm (Hybrid Minds), Jo-S, Kevin Focus, Lynx, Mixmaster Doc, Random Movement, Raw Q, Sinistarr, Submorphics

(Driven AM | Hospital Records | Good Looking | Chicago)

Submorphics (Greg Axelrad) creates deep ocular future funk, with parts retro soul, Detroit/Chicago synthentics, jazz, film soundtracks and indie vibes infusing his harmonies. Beginning on the humble local scenes of Detroit and Chicago, Submorphics has since DJ’ed in nearly 40 cities, headlining major gigs at Fabric in London, and across Europe and North America. While he is on the decks, Submorphics sonically alloys disparate styles; the grimy and the smooth, the hypnotic and the astonishing. In the past five years his fluid musicality has been embraced by DJs Fabio and LTJ Bukem, with releases like “Miles Ahead”, “Step in the Spot ft. Selfsays”, “Mellow Madness”, “Workitout” and many more receiving heavy play on BBC Radio One and clubs internationally. Celebrated primarily for his soulful drum and bass sounds released on labels like Spearhead and Westbay, Submorphics has diversified his repertoire, publishing a plethora of emotive bass music in the 110-140 range. The eclectic musician has also taken on the role of producer for vocalists Armanni Reign and Christina Tamayo. Submorphics explodes into 2012, as Hospital Records releases the massive Camo + Krooked- Change Me (Submorphics Remix) on the Between the Lines Remix CD (NHS206). Subsequently “Forgotten Dreams feat. Christina Tamayo” on the Bukem in Session Mix CD will hit the shelves. Expect major announcements throughout the year and beyond from the Submorphics camp!

(Driven AM | Direct Drive | Natural Selection | NYC)

Raw Q (aka: Dj Beau) is one of NYC's original pioneers of drum n' bass and electronic music. As a born and raised native of NYC's East Village, Beau has been dj'ing underground clubs and raves in NYC, and the USA, as well as Puerto Rico for over 16 years and counting. His resume as a dj/producer is a veritable timeline of many of the most significant parties and events of the NYC/US electronic music culture. Whether it's from his beginnings as an original Liquid Sky and Satellite Records dj (circa '95) to his current status as one of Dj Zinc's Bingo Allstars and a selected tag-team partner of DJ DB at the highly acclaimed and now defunct Secret Night of Science monthly parties at LOVE, Beau has been a truely devoted contributor to underground electronic music and rave culture since the early days. Throughout his years as a performer and respected dj, Beau has been selected as the opener for such high profile artists as: Fabio and Grooverider, Planet of the Drums, Marcus Intalex, Calibre, Klute and has shared the bill with the likes of LTJ Bukem, Shy-Fx, Bad Company, Dj Craze and many more. He is currently a resident of Direct Drive, and performed regularly as a special guest at Secret Night of Science, Let It Roll, and Dream. He still continues to perform at NYC's longest running 21+ weekly dnb night, Camouflage. Beau is also well known for his original music production. In 95' he teamed up with Dj Ani (NASA, Deee-Lite) and created a series of tunes which appeared on Dj Soulslinger's Jungle Sky imprint (the first US Drum n Bass Label). In 2003 Beau transformed into Raw Q. As Raw Q, his music has had a major impact in the world of electronic music with tunes such as 'Vital Soul' which appeared on Dj Zinc's reputable Bingo imprint and was ranked 11th in the BBC's Global Dance Music charts (jul.13.04), which encompasses all forms of dance music. With tunes such as Vital Soul, Caspian Moon, Summer Rain and Jagged Edge, Raw Q's music has been embraced by such legendary artists as LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Roni Size, DB, Marcus Intalex, Marky, Zinc, Bryan Gee, Bailey, Dj Flight and countless others. Beau's goal as an artist and musician is to provide inspiring, forward thinking, positive music for as many open minded people as possible. Beau is aware that music is a powerful tool for unity and positive change, and an vitally essential form of communication.

(Direct Drive | Patrol the Skies Music)

The Burner Brothers is a name synonymous with NYC drum & bass since the origins of the sound. From their early legendary productions on Liquid Sky and Rawkuts in the late nineties to more recent offerings on labels such as Subsonik, The Burner Brothers have remained an integral part of the American drum & bass sound whether they are in the studio or behind the decks. Originally a trio which included Pish Posh (aka DJ Wally), The Burner Brothers are now a duo consisting of DJ Seen and CT Burners. After a short hiatus pursuing individual projects, Seen and CT have joined forces once again, pushing their production quality and overall sound to new levels. With the launch of their new label, Patrol The Skies, The Burner Brothers are set to make a huge impact in 2012 and beyond.

(Driven AM | Natural Selection)

Music is her life. Drum and Bass is her passion. Erica Munday, A.K.A. DJ Strife, has had a love for music for as long as she can remember. It’s that feeling that when you close your eyes and simply listen…the whole world disappears. Strife’s involvement in the U.S. underground music scene started back in 1994 when she was only 14 and attended her first rave. After this one night she knew right then that this music was something that truly touched her soul and would be a part of her life forever. She soon thereafter was going to every event on the east coast that she could, which eventually lead her to her next natural step…promoting. She started promoting for one of the largest event companies on the east coast, Park Rave Maddness. And by the time she was 16 she had made enough contacts in the scene and wanted to continue going forward by learning how to DJ – to be that person that controlled the crowd’s inner feelings by taking you on a journey with the music they wove together. At first by playing fast-paced Hard Trance and Hard Acid music that got the crowd going, but eventually at 19 while in college in New York for Audio Recording, switched to her growing love for Drum and Bass. 2003 brought the way of House DJ, Fame and his Simply Bangin’ Productions which merged Strife and Fame together for combined efforts in weekly events in NYC. By joining a night of House and Drum and Bass music this allowed them to bring both styles of music together in one place. Also in 2003 Strife got linked up with all female crew Sister NYC (the NYC chapter of successful San Francisco group). Right away this combination of all genre woman DJ’s and MC’s connected with her, and knew together they could really make a dent in furthering woman and their place in Electronic music. Being interviewed for Los Angeles collective Technotreff’s nationally distributed “Girls of Techno” DVD also gave her a chance to speak her mind on the empowerment on being a female DJ. Hosting and playing at events all the way from New York to Miami to Brazil to Germany to London and back again, Strife continues to push the Drum and Bass sound that she strives for everyone to hear and feel. Strife’s flow of Liquid Drum and Bass sounds infused with Brazillian flavor and vocal tunes make her track selection stream together with each blended mix. As well as being endorsed by keyboard company Korg, Strife has performed all over nationally and internationally at such events as the DEMF, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, at renowned UK monthlies “Therapy Sessions” & “Metric”, and touring in Brazil and Germany alongside heavyweights such as High Contrast, Bad Company, Dylan, Loxy, & B Key, Patife, Andy, Drumagick, and Mickey Finn. In addition, she has taken part at conventions in Nashville, TN for the NAMM show, at Madison Square Garden in her residence of NY for product demos, and in Miami for the WMC, Winter Music Conference, with Sister USA.

(Driven AM | Direct Drive | Luv Disaster)

Representing New York City, Dave is a respected contributor to the North American Drum and Bass community. Owner of Driven AM, the premier North American DnB Artist Management, Record label, and Production company. Events coordinator and resident DJ for various NYC parties including part of the legendary NYC production team Direct Drive and recently part of the team presenting 'Natural Selection' in NYC. Dave has released music on Luv Disaster (alongside Dave Owen), Peer Pressure Recordings, Liquid Brilliants, Basswerk (alongside Sol.ID), Influenza Minus, Electronic River Recordings, and his own imprint Driven AM Recordings. His music is being supported by DB, Random Movement, TC1, Dstar, Stunna, Mixmaster Doc, Dave Owen, Kevin Focus, Submorphics, Calculon and many others. A Dj that has performed live more than 220 times in 13 States in the US as well as in Puerto Rico and Spain in the past 12 years alongside some of the biggest names in DnB, everyone from Goldie to High Contrast. In the last year Dave's music has been heard on a Metalheadz Podcast, featured in a mix and interview with Knowledge Magazine, and coast to coast on Dave's various US tours. Dave is a driven individual, whose passion for Drum and Bass shows in his music and live performance.

Public Assembly - Back Room
70 North 6th, Williamsburg Brooklyn
$10 All Night, 21+
10:00PM - 4:00AM

Inquiries & mailing list: DrivenAM@gmail.com


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Re: 6/29 - 6 YEARS OF DRIVEN AM: SUBMORPHICS (Hospital Records)

Post by Driven AM on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:17 pm

Join us Saturday June 29th in the back room of Public Assembly as we celebrate 6 years of Driven AM with the latest member of our artist roster: SUBMORPHICS!
Driven AM is one of NYC's main Drum and Bass promoters as well as USA's premiere Drum and Bass Artist Management, Record Label and Promotion Company.

Check out the event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/228954080538710/?context=create

Submorphics - What She Wants

Camo & Krooked - Change Me (Submorphics Remix) [Hospital Records]

Submorphics - Wax Poetic

Submorphics - Stereo 72

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