Friday April 6th 2012 Twice as Proper - BOOM, NYC

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Friday April 6th 2012 Twice as Proper - BOOM, NYC

Post by Twice As Proper on Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:55 pm

Party People unite for another underground event at our favorite restaurant in the world!!!! Come get sloppy in a more Proper environment...

We do restaurants removing all tables, installing mad equipment and hosting a sick visual show with projectors, making it a bangin' club with the best vibe always.

Like no other restaurant party in the world.... no mushy crap... we BANG THE TECHNO in this upscale fancy Italian restaurant in SOHO NYC once every month and will not stop until they ask us to! It's our longest lasting Twice as Proper in a single venue (3rd year at BOOM since 2010).

Proper lineup:
- CRAFT (Twice as Proper)
- SHADI (Twice as Proper)
- DUCKHUNTER (Uberkontrol Records)

Bring it on..

2012 is our 5th year, and with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings in venues across Manhattan & Brooklyn, there is always something exciting and different to expect from the events. 2011 was amazing for Craft & Shadi with more tours in various US cities (Detroit, Boston, DC), radio shows as well as releases on many labels. 2010 had already brought International tours in 5 countries (USA, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica), international radio shows, podcasts, music productions, TV coverage (Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica), soundcloud recordings listened to in 84 countries, new fans and friends. We promise to rip it Proper. No crap.

Authentic Italian food and wines, mad drinks and bangin' deep soothing groovy dirty pumping bangin' techno beats provided all night after dinner. Mention "Twice as Proper" at the dinner table and a special something will be offered.

This week we celebrate Craft's "Highways & Jungles EP" released on Betport via Syncope Recordz (Germany) including 2 fan favorites "Highways & Jungles" and "Restricted Nightlife"!



Friday April 6th 2012
BOOM Restaurant
152 Spring Street, Soho
(Corner of West Broadway)
11:30pm - 4:00am

"Twice as Proper" and their founders:

Twice as Proper is a New York City Based Underground Techno Events organization. Shadi & Craft co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" which then became "Twice as Proper Sessions". With an impressive over 200 events and counting, it is now well established in the NYC underground techno scene. 2012 is our 5th year, and with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings in venues across Manhattan & Brooklyn, there is always something exciting and different to expect from the events. In 2010, Twice as Proper hosted 8 events in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) during the winter, while keeping regular NYC events alive as always. 2011 was fantastic for the two artists bringing International tours in 5 countries (USA, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica), international radio shows, podcasts, music productions, TV coverage (Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica), TV coverage, soundcloud recordings listened to in over 84 countries, new fans and friends. Craft & Shadi have been a DJ duo since 1994 on those legendary Technics 1200's. Then followed the years of CDJ technology and mixers with effects, always keeping it dark, deep, dirty real serious. They now often perform live mixes with the ultimate Xponent controller, with many built-in live effects. They go on with explosive sets, chopping' up loops and samples, all while in the mix. The result is always "Massive". Craft & Shadi promise to rip it Proper.
No crap.

-Twice as Proper website:

-Twice as Proper Facebook group:

- CRAFT (Daniele Ciocio) - Twice as Proper / Party People
18 years Djing,. 13 years producing . 5 years planning events.

Born in NYC, Craft bought his technics 1200's & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own life savings in 1994. He taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. He began producing music in 1999 under the name "Craft" or "Craft Music Productions. He dj's 3 times per month on average in the NYC underground techno scene for his established "Twice as Proper" techno events and other local showcase events. He evolved from the Vinyl-only days to CDj’s of all types, and now often performs live with his all-in-one DJ workstation M-Audio Torq Xponent. In 2010, Craft traveled to Europe for his Italy Dj tour to Milan, Rome, and Terracina, then experienced an incredible Costa Rica DJ Tour with Dj Onda Skillet which was covered by much media attention (major radio, TV and internet). Craft ended up the year by hosting 8 Twice as Proper events in 5 stunning different venues in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In 2011, Craft performed on the main stage at "The Works" during DEMF/Movement (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), as well as in Washington DC at Funxion and Sweet Spot clubs, and also at Boston’s famous Rise afterhours club as headliner in the main room alongside Stephen Eaves. He was finally approached by countless labels for remixes and original EP’s and is now signed on 12 labels based in 4 countries (USA, UK, Germany and Malta). Craft currently has 6 EP's scheduled plus more remixes coming out early 2012 alone. Craft co-created the NYC movement "Twice as Sweet" with his partner Shadi in 2007. It was later renamed "Twice as Proper Sessions" and has reached an impressive "over 200 events" and counting in the past 5 years with an illustrious list of 100 guest DJ bookings. "Feed The Raver Podcast show" hosted by Craft himself debuted worldwide on March 3rd 2012 with interviews and guest techno DJ sets from a different city around the world every 2 weeks, 26 times per year. Also, Craft created and designed the "Party People" T-Shirt which has a history of its own...

About Craft's music production software choices:
13 years producing music since 1999 with originals and remixes released or scheduled on 11 labels in 4 countries.
Craft first began producing in 1999 with programs such as ReBirth and Cakewalk. He then used strictly Reason for five years, from its first version launched in 2000 through version 3 when he finally migrated to Apple’s Logic 7 in 2005. Today he continues to use Logic, which has now reached version 9 (aka Logic Pro). Craft is a true master at using the complicated features of this professional music production software and the results are evident with the continuous smashing releases which have now earned him an international reputation, 13 years in the making..

Check out Craft’s future performances several months ahead of time and past flyers from over 5 years. Listen to dj sets recoded live at events since 2007, new releases, and fresh unreleased music productions,. Watch video edits of Craft’s performances in cites around the US and in several other countries. See the latest Party People gear! Find out who the next guest dj is on Feed The Raver podcast and listen to Craft’s proper artist introduction at the start of the show

- Craft live Dj sets recorded around the world:

- Craft Music Productions:


-Twice as Proper website:

-Twice as Proper Facebook group:

-Feed The Raver Podcast show hosted by Craft:

- Video edits of Craft around the world

- Craft on Resident Advisor

Featured Events & organizations:
- Twice as Proper Sessions
- Rite of Wednesdays
- Moment Um
- Just Play!
- Mixworks label showcase
- Cultured Citizens
- Bangtech 12 showcase
- Trilogy showcase
- Locals NYC
- Bacteria Records
- Massive Groove
- Motive
- Mnmlktchn
- Set Artists
- 4 Us By US
- Liturgy
- Eklipze
- Essential
- I Love Italian Dj's

Guest mix Radio shows & podcasts:
- Feed The Raver Podcast show - hosted by Craft
- Mocean District – radio show
- East Village Radio - Future music – radio show
- ClubbersGuideNewYork – Guest mix
- Bacteria Records Podcast
- Locals NYC Podcast
- The Conduit –Podcast
- 2011 World Technothon - USA

- Uberkontrol Records
- Faucet Music
- Subtrack Records
- Ill Bomb Records
- Hidden Recordings
- Freitag Limited
- Syncope Recordz
- Mixworks
- Gee Records
- Frakture Audio
- Nosi Music
- Jyre Records

-Craft – Wifi Brain – [Faucet Music]
-Derek Marin – Midnight Cruiser (Craft remix) – [Subtrak Records]
-Duckhunter – Glass (Craft remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Duckhunter – 2020 Vision (Craft remix) – [Gee Records]
-Signal Deluxe – Mercado Negro (Craft remix) – [Hidden Recordings]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Original) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – I Can’t See – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – Flying on a Plane – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Silvio Malla – 12 Inch Playa (Craft remix) – [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Highways & Jungles – [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Restricted Nightlife – [Syncope Recordz]

The Bitch I Love EP – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Original)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Duckhunter remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Monktec remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Derek Marin remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Owen Sands remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Justin Kase remix)

Stay Underground EP– [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – I Can’t See
-Craft – Flying on a Plane

Craft – Highways & Jungles EP– [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Highways & Jungles
-Craft – Restricted Nightlife

-Duckhunter – White Light (Craft remix) – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – Basement Outside - [Mixworks]
-Craft – Joystick Dick - [Frakture Audio]
-Craft – Ignore Delete - [Frakture Audio]
-Craft - Missing Out - [Nosi Music]
-Boaz - Ant Farm in Madrid (Craft remix) - [Jyre Records]

Craft – Poser Politics EP – [Freitag Limited]
-Craft – Poser Politics (original)
-Craft – Poser Politics (Andres Gil remix)
-Craft – Poser Politics (Splatter remix)
-Craft – Poser Politics (Monktec remix)

Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful EP – [Subtrak Records]
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (original)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Craft bangin' edit)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Derek Marin remix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Duckhunter remix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Monktec remix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Asher Perkins remix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Signal Deluxe remix)
-Craft - Brooklyn Beautiful (Ochu LaRoss remix)

Craft - Ignore Delete EP - [Frakture Audio]
-Craft – Joystick Dick
-Craft – Ignore Delete
+ remixes

Hot unreleasd:
Craft – Fountainhead
Craft - Fondle Knobs
Craft – Dolphins Go Away
Craft – In Working Order
Craft – Pristine Generation
Craft - Palpitation
Craft - 30 Dirty Chemists
Craft - Proximate Sequela
Craft - Divine Morning Skies Again
Craft - Experience

Youtube: recent video promos:

1. Twice as Proper promo: a funny animated video of aliens from another galaxy looking for some Proper techno

2. Feed The Raver podcast promo: a funny video of two pandas waiting to hear the new techno podcast hosted by Craft featuring artists from around the world.

3. “Stay Underground EP” promo: distorted and effected video clips of NYC promote Craft’s EP release!

4. "Highways & Jungles EP" promo video: speeded up and effected video clips of NYC to promote Craft’s EP release!


- SHADI (Shadi Elrazaz) - Twice as Proper / Party People

Born in Cairo, Egypt....raised in NYC from age 12, where he met up with his mentor and friend Daniele Ciocio (Dj Craft), who helped him manipulate vinyl ...and sound through a mixer. Flash forward to December !999, Twilo, Sasha and digweed & Mitsubishi = Lifelong Sound Obsession.

Currently Shadi is actively Running The New York City Based Underground Techno Events & Movment "Twice As Proper" With his Musical Partner Dj Craft Who together co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" which then merged with Los Franzetti's "Proper Sessions" resulting in "Twice as Proper Sessions" with an impressive over 200 events and counting in the past 5 years since 2007 with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings.

Along the way residencies at Mark Cafe With the Buyrum Crew, leading up to many more good friends and amazing musician party people like Lance Jordan, Amos Damon ( Dj Fame), Adam Collins, Francis Harris, Connie, Elon, Taimur & Fahad, Steven Letigre, and many more over the span of many New York City Venues such as Sullivan Room, Bar 13, Cielo, Rebel, Le Souk, Porch, Crudo, Boom, Stay, VDP & Afterhours everywhere....

- Shadi's live Dj sets recorded around the world on SoundCloud:


- DUCKHUNTER (Uberkontrol Records)

Duckhunter, is an electronic music producer from New York City who has profoundly began to influence
the NYC Underground Techno scene, bringing together psychedelic and hypnotic grooves with over-the-edge sounds, brought together with his live musical skills; playing base, guitar, piano, and experimenting with sound as though it was a liquid substance for over 10 years. A new phase of productions and performances began in late 2009, when Duckhunter officially signed with UberKontrol Techno label; which prooved to become a homebase electronic music label for his acclaimed releases from 2008 onward such as; "Ich bin eine Entejager" ("I am the Duck Hunter) with Alex Salganik (Uberkontrol), as well as "Lockdown JailHouse EP release of 2009" (on Beatport April 11th), "Gravity EP Release", also Tech House releases such as "TempoRed" and "Teleport" on Elastic Gun Records label in 2008 and 2009. Duckhunter uses the power of electronic musical sound, to bring people to a religious and almost euphoric and sedative experience, sharing the energy of his bright-burning, orange and energetic so called "Duckhunt", which itself tells a story to the party people of a ever-changing adventure though time and space, venturing to a deserted island on the outskirts of nowhere... Duckhunter's music evolved to have a characteristic & classy Tech Housy and minimalistic essence, with clean-cut scientific and precise grooves & occasionally twisted psycho-acoustic vocals with a plastic or rubbery whooling base precicely modified & engineered kick, with 3D transience as well as a spectral array of groovy and psychedelic sound frequencies. Producing specifically electronic music for only 4 years, Duckhunter is becoming a new and revolutionary phenomenon in New York City. His active collaborations with artists such as Unsaved6, Alex Salganik (Uberkontrol), On da Skillet (Aerotropic), Craft (Craftmusicproductions), etc., as well as label residency on Uberkontrol label and EA Gun Records for Tech House and Minimal Techno releases is greatly anticipated by dance music events in the Brooklyn Underground Loft Scene in NYC, as well as a whole summer of performances in and outside of the United States. Duckhunter is constantly sharpening his technical skills as an electronic music producer; creating his twisted and dancy but at the same time morphed and fashioned futuristic trend of pure and magestic electronic sound pleasing crowds as well as firing up and sometimes cooling down the energy on the dance floor.

Booking Contact (US/Europe) :
Überkontrol Records


He has been producing since 5 years, and over time, His tracks began to get support by mainstream producers and DJs. He wished to release he own tracks in a own label, after learning about studio engineering techniques.

At the moment Kume Recordings posess the ability to release music while attempting to build enough capital and material to become a label in the true sense. Consider Kume Recordings Facebook, Soundcloud, Forums & co to announce and release new music to the public. At the moment, we do all our own production, audio and otherwise but the proposals for new artists are welcome. We are always looking for new music, feel free to contact us with any information. Currently the label is putting together a deal with an online distributor, wich will allow us to spread our music to the world in over 50 online shops.

Who is Kume?
Kume was once an abandoned little bear in the Jungle of Techno. Andres Feles found Kume and took him in as his pet. When Kume reached adulthood, He built him an outhouse to cater for his impressively large frame. He teached the bear simple commands and hand signals, which Kume picked up at an alarming speed. Kume was even taught rudimental Japanese. After two years, Andres Feles realized the power contained in Kume, and so he trained Kume in the arts of the Bassline.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

For Bookings Email @


Friday April 6th 2012
BOOM Restaurant
152 Spring Street, Soho
(Corner of West Broadway)
11:30pm - 4:00am

Check out the Twice as Proper website:

Bring it on...

Twice As Proper

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