One Way EP (Incl. Kerri Chandler Remix)

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One Way EP (Incl. Kerri Chandler Remix)

Post by Robbi on Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:00 pm

listen/buy Gabriele Carasco & Rene-One Way EP (Incl. Kerri Chandler Remix) HERE

watch video HERE

Gabriele Carasco, born in Italy, was raised as a Pianist from an early age. Inspired by his classical training, his house production is a reflection of this - relaxing the listener with romantic melodies and rich instrumentals that are kept grounded by a gentle house thud.

Carasco collaborates with Italian born, Rene, another respected house producer whose musical talent has seen him to play at some Europe's biggest festivals including Monegros, Sonar and Circo Loco.

This 4-track EP oozes tranquillity and grace. Kicking off this EP is "The Piano", a track that's dominated by its shimmering instrumentals and romantic notes that conjure a truly relaxing house beat.

"Jazzy" is rich with a piano melody, awash with the soft swing of the jazz drum and swinging cymbals that make it a truly jazzy track.

"Brain" is a sunset beach track with a rhythm that ebbs and flows, rushing with a melodic undercurrent, while lapping claps tickle the idyllic mirage.

"Passengers" is a slow builder; warming and gradually building layers until it meets and flutters a subtle jazz strung drop at the end. It's also been remixed by the head of the Madhouse Kerri Chandler, who pumps up the kicks and snares giving a much more clubby feel whilst not detracting from the vibe of the original.

Track 1 Written & Produced by Gabriele Carasco
Tracks 2-5 Written & Produced by Gabriele Carasco & Rene
Track 5 Remix & Additional Production by Kerri Chandler
(P) & (C) Madhouse Records 2012


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