Friday March 23rd Twice as Proper - National Underground NYC: 5-Year Anniversary Event!!!

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Friday March 23rd Twice as Proper - National Underground NYC: 5-Year Anniversary Event!!!

Post by Twice As Proper on Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:19 pm

Party People unite! Twice as Proper reaches 5 years!!!! With over 200 events and 100 guest DJ's we are very proud of this amazing achievement and want to thank everyone for the continued support. This massive flyer is designed by jenny Arredondo and displays flyers from our events!!

For this event, we have invited 2 special guests.

7 hours of Proper techno:

-CRAFT (Twice as Proper)
-SHADI (Twice as Proper)
-OLIVER CAINE (Hidden Recordings - DC)
-MIKE BRYANT (Intrinsic Recordings - NYC)

You can read all about our organization's evolution from it's humble beginnings and its trajectory through the scene in this article below!

Twice as Proper: Making techno history in New York.
A summary of the Craft and Shadi's path through their Twice as Proper movement in NYC and abroad over 5 years.

Craft and Shadi are solid underground dj's with experience close to 20 years on the decks since the early 1990's. This will undoubtedly earn anyone respect. However, they are also known for hosting hundreds of underground dj events in clubs, lounges, bars, restaurants and basements around Manhattan, Brooklyn and abroad over the last 5 years.

What originally debuted in March 2007 as a weekly "dirty minimal" party under the name "Twice as Sweet" at Crudo in the Lower East Side lasted for over a year until the venue was closed. The movement was relocated to The Porch, also in the Lower East Side. It was renamed "Twice as Proper Sessions" with their new joining partner Los, becoming part of the movement for some further two years. They finally ended their two-year residency there and began a series of twelve "Twice as Proper - Slut" events, also known as simply "Slut" parties. The events bounced around every week to different venues and the residents called themselves the techno sluts.

After 3 years, the events had become a solid part of New York's underground scene making the need for new flyers sometimes unnecessary and invitations were often made by word of mouth. Many DJ's were invited back on numerous occasions over the years. The concept of supporting local talent continued and it included everything from techno dj's who were already playing alongside international superstars to deep underground house and tech-house artists who were evolving along the way.

In 2010, Craft and Shadi focused on hosting two weekend monthly events, allowing them more time for other shows and bookings at events, radios, stages and showcases. One Twice as Proper was held at a proper club, with everything one would expect from a serious underground techno party. The second "monthly" proved to be truly original and innovative, being held in SOHO's fancy BOOM restaurant for a "more intimate techno experience" but "like no other restaurant party in the world". In fact, 2012 is the 3rd year for regular "Twice as Proper - BOOM" events and it remains their longest standing successful monthly event to date in a venue. The recipe involves transforming Friday's classy Italian dim candle-lit dinner restaurant into a SOHO club, by removing the tables and clearing the way for a proper dance floor. The Dj's dark blasting bass begins at midnight and 2-3 projectors on the walls provide an incredible visual experience leading way to the cheering and dancing to take over the night in pure techno style. The event is always free and remains a fan-favorite to this day.

By the end of 2010, Craft and Shadi hosted a series of 8 events in different stunning venues across Playa del Carmen, Mexico, (6 public events and 2 private pool parties). With a proper marketing strategy, thousands of flyers were distributed on the beach and several hundred posters were placed around town. Maintaining the same concept of "supporting local talent", they scouted the best talent in that region of the country and invited 7 local Dj's to be part of the movement in Mexico. This attracted media attention all the way to Cancun, with E! Entertainment TV coming down to cover an event.

Back to New York in 2011, Craft and Shadi continued their two monthly events the same way, with one at a club and one at BOOM restaurant. Twice as Proper also began a connection with the best techno organizations from other US cities, hosting 6 special events in NYC clubs showcasing artists from Detroit (belonging to Underground Resistance, Cultured Citizens, Detek and Detroit Techno Militia) as well as from Washington DC (belonging to Hidden Recordings and Life), and Boston (Beat Development). They also held their first Twice as Proper event in Washington DC at Sweet Spot club, also supporting local DC talent.

Over these years, the high demand for Twice as Proper events and dj bookings have led them to pass through the most important venues in NYC's underground techno scene. With humble beginnings at Crudo, through The Porch, Sexy Bitch, La Zarza, East Side Company, Royale, Zaman Bar, BOOM to venues such as Bar 13, Sullivan Room, Stay, Open House, National Underground in the city, as well as in Mexico at Playa's Malandrin, Fashion Hotel rooftop, Los Danzantes Sky Bar, The Room, La Sirena, and Washington DC's Sweet Spot. Twice as Proper has now reached well over 200 events and always in legal venues, never putting any artists, staff or partygoers at risk.

Nowadays Craft and Shadi are internationally recognized and in constant demand. Their fan base reached 84 countries on the internet in 2011. Their website is active since before their first party back in 2007, and it includes unfading and boundless content for fans to relive the past, present and future. It displays extensive bios, past flyers and next events for months to come, as well as links to almost 40 combined dj sets recorded live at events since 2007. It includes video edits in several countries and cities around the US, music productions, press reviews, press kits and more.

Craft and Shadi past dj experiences and event production history now has them booked for shows six months ahead of time. With recent US tours in Detroit, DC, Boston, Baltimore and past international gigs in Italy, Egypt, Costa Rica, and Mexico, they are in growing demand to be part of showcases all over. The same goes for their Twice as proper events, which are now planned and booked 6 months ahead of time as well.

Twice as Proper remains one of New York's top underground techno events organization committed to delivering a constant quality underground techno experience with a reasonable and friendly price tag, lots of smiles, and the best vibe possible. Venues and international artists are often contacting this organization which has earned it's reputation over time.

2012 has a lot more planned for these two techno pioneers, with more appearances scheduled in cities across the US and world radio shows, but this March 2012 is the time to enjoy the past, five years in the making.

To sum up this article:
Some ridiculous massiveness over the years! From Crudo's dirty minimal, to Porch's sloppy, to random Sluts, to Mexican Playas, back to Underground's basement Properness in NYC with some Detroitness, DCness and Bostonnnnnesss to enrich our the massiveness even more. Those who have been with us all the way know exactly what that means. If u don't understand, read the summary article in the event invite Smile

Here below is a list of 100 guest dj's who have been part of Twice as Proper up to date, in no particular order. We apologize if we missed out on anyone, and thank everyone who has been part of the lineup!

Tal Cohen
Mattias Jofre
Onda Skillet
Ben Payne
Oriam Gar
Kike Neves
Adam Loeffler
Mikey Dubs
Supreme de Tomate
Steven Letigre
Eddie Krilov
Richie Luchese
Gio Gulez
Niki Mcnally
Sir Siljian
Michael Hime
Nathaniel Jay
Aly Salah
Derek Plaslaiko
Lady Ajda
Philippe Certfontaine
Andrew Vogt
Dj Fame
Naked Ghost Boy
Dj Earthian
Sandra Mamushka
Gil K
Tamara Montenegro
Erich Vela
Flavio Navarro
Luca Bernabei
True Anomaly
Jorge Silva
Barbara Alvarez
Deepak Sharma
Derek Marin
Stephen Eaves
Dat Kat
Lance Jordan
Tristan Dominguez
Daniel Orestes
Buzz Goree
Dru Ruiz
Eric Spleece
Oliver Caine
Dave Pech
Dave Martin
Da Dwek
Brion Vytlacil
Daniel Staccato
Abagale Fischer
Dj Seoul
El Rojo
Mike Bryant
Milly de Mori
Alex Pearce
Todd fatjo
Lee Cabrera
Scott Albright
Big Bully

-Twice as Proper website:

-Twice as Proper Facebook group:

- CRAFT (Daniele Ciocio)
Born in NYC, he bought his technics 1200's & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own savings in 1994. Taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. Began producing music in 1999 done under the name "Craft" or "Craft Music Productions. He dj's on average 3 times per month in the NYC underground scene for his established "Twice as Proper" techno events and other local showcase events. He evolved from the Vinyl-only days to CDj’s of all types, and now often performs live with his all-in-one DJ workstation M-Audio Torq Xponent. In 2010, Craft traveled to Europe for his Italy Dj tour (Milan, Rome, Terracina), then experienced an incredible Costa Rica DJ Tour with Dj Onda Skillet covered by much media attention (major radio, TV and internet), and ended up the year by hosting 8 Twice as Proper events around different venues in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In 2011, Craft performed on the main stage at "The Works" during DEMF/Movement (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), as well as Washington DC’s Funxion and Sweet Spot clubs, and Boston’s famous Rise after-hours club main room. He has been approached by countless labels for tracks, now signed on 9 labels based in 4 countries (USA, UK, Germany and Malta), with more remixes and 6 EP's scheduled in 2012. Craft co-created the NYC movement "Twice as Sweet" with Shadi which then became "Twice as Proper Sessions". An impressive "over 200 events" and counting in the past 5 years since 2007 and with an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings. On March 3rd 2012, "Feed The Raver Podcast show" debuted worldwide, and is hosted by Craft himself with interviews and sets by guest artists from a different city around the world every two weeks, 26 times per year. Also, Craft created and designed the "Party People" T-Shirt which has a history of its own...

- Craft live Dj sets recorded around the world:

- Craft Music Productions:


-Twice as Proper website:

-Twice as Proper Facebook group:

-Feed The Raver Podcast show hosted by Craft:

- Video edits of Craft around the world

- Craft on Resident Advisor

Featured Events & organizations:
- Twice as Proper Sessions
- Eklipze
- Essential
- Trilogy
- Rite of Wednesdays
- Moment Um
- ClubbersGuideNewYork
- Locals NYC
- Mnmlktchn
- Set Artists
- I Love Italian Dj's NYC

Guest mix Radio shows & podcasts:
- Feed The Raver Podcast show - hosted by Craft
- Mocean District – radio show
- East Village Radio - Future music – radio show
- ClubbersGuideNewYork – Guest mix
- Bacteria Records Podcast
- Locals NYC Podcast
- The Conduit –Podcast

- Uberkontrol Records
- Faucet Music
- Subtrack Records
- ill Bomb Records
- Freitag Limited
- Hidden Recordings
- Syncope Recordz
- Gee Records
- Bacteria Records
- Dusk Recordings

Current Releases:
-Craft – Wifi Brain – [Faucet Music]
-Derek Marin – Midnight Cruiser (Craft remix) – [Subtrak Records]
-Duckhunter – Glass (Craft remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Duckhunter – 2020 Vision (Craft remix) – [Gee Records]
-Signal Deluxe – Mercado Negro (Craft remix) – [Hidden Recordings]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Original) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – I Can’t See – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – Flying on a Plane – [Uberkontrol Records]

The Bitch I Love EP – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Original) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Duckhunter remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Monktec remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Derek Marin remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Owen Sands remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Justin Kase remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]

Stay Underground EP– [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – I’m Flying on a Plane – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – Can’t See Shit – [Uberkontrol Records]

Future Releases:
-Craft – Poser Politics – [Freitag Limited]
-Duckhunter – White Light (Craft remix) – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Silvio Malla – Playa (Craft remix) – [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful EP – [Subtrak Records]
-Craft – Highways and Jungles – [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Restricted Nightlife – [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Basement Outside - [Mixworks]

Hot unreleasd:
Craft – Joystick Dick
Craft – Dolphins Go Away
Craft - Missing Out
Craft – Fountainhead
Craft - Fondle Knobs
Craft – In Working Order
Craft – Pristine Generation
Craft - Palpitation
Craft - 30 Dirty Chemists

- SHADI (Shadi Elrazaz) - Twice as Proper / Party People

Born in Cairo, Egypt....raised in NYC from age 12, where he met up with his mentor and friend Daniele Ciocio (Dj Craft), who helped him manipulate vinyl ...and sound through a mixer. Flash forward to December !999, Twilo, Sasha and digweed & Mitsubishi = Lifelong Sound Obsession.

Currently Shadi is actively Running The New York City Based Underground Techno Events & Movment "Twice As Proper" With his Musical Partner Dj Craft Who together co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" which then merged with Los Franzetti's "Proper Sessions" resulting in "Twice as Proper Sessions" with an impressive over 200 events and counting in the past 5 years since 2007 with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings.

Along the way residencies at Mark Cafe With the Buyrum Crew, leading up to many more good friends and amazing musician party people like Lance Jordan, Amos Damon ( Dj Fame), Adam Collins, Francis Harris, Connie, Elon, Taimur & Fahad, Steven Letigre, and many more over the span of many New York City Venues such as Sullivan Room, Bar 13, Cielo, Rebel, Le Souk, Porch, Crudo, Boom, Stay, VDP & Afterhours everywhere....

- Shadi's live Dj sets recorded around the world on SoundCloud:


- OLIVER CAINE (Hidden Recordings - DC)

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Oliver Caine found a passion for music at a very early age. Eventually picking up
the bass guitar at age sixteen, and later on the drums, Oliver was soon playing in bands in the D.C. and Virginia area. It
wasn't until 1999 that he fell in love with electronic music and never looked back. Within a few years he had purchased
turntables and began to play out at various venue's in the D.C./VA area. After moving to South Beach in 2004 and gaining exposure to Miami's underground Dirty House and Tech scene, Oliver soon began spinning at numerous clubs and afterparties in Miami and D.C., perfecting his signature blend of dark, underground, House and Techno. Today, Oliver Caine resides in Virginia, is working on several production projects, and continues to perform across the United States and abroad.








MIKE BRYANT - (Intrinsic Design Recordings - NYC)

It's not every day that a talent like Mike Bryant shows up in New York, but it's also not every day that talent on this level actually stays in New York for good. You constantly hear about a new DJ or producer moving to Berlin, but once you have invested the amount of time and energy into a city you love like Mike has, your in it for life.
Hailing from the mid-west, dominating the early Rave scene, Mike made the jump to the big city per some advice from long time friend and collaborator, Troy Pierce of Minus fame. Not soon after Mike's arrival, he got his first big break, DJing at the infamous Antique Boutique retail store. In the 90's this was the place to get all your Rave gear, tickets, or anything dance music related. The boutique may have been a retail store, but it was also set up like a full on club. Neighbors 10 stories up would often complain about the club sized sound system that Mike got to play on every weekend. He soon built a reputation as one of New York's most liked new DJ's, which forced Antique Boutique to take action. That action was in the form of 2 commercially released mix CDs, programmed and mixed by Mike . These CDs would go on to become classic mixes played at after hours, in cars, and living rooms world wide.
Not long after the first Boutique mix CD, Mike got his foot in the door at New York's most infamous mega-club, Twilo, where he was fortunate enough to play the main floor at it’s peak, as well as the upstairs on numerous occasions. These gigs and other notable guest appearances around NY helped spawn all sorts of travel, both domestically and internationally. Mike was playing anywhere from Liquids in Miami to Dominican Republic, Greece, Berlin, and all over Europe. With all the traveling on the weekends, Mike did what every great music lover should do, and what every great DJ would kill to do, work in vinyl distribution. Being a record buyer for the legendary Intergroove defiantly had its perks.
Around the same time as Intergroove, Mike also took the next logical step for his career, he started a label. Intrinsic Design was born in 1997 with the help of Alexi Delano, and the label quickly blossomed into something that was in high demand by DJ's world wide. While running the label and being working at Intergroove, Mike continued his residencies across the US, DR, Mexico and playing one off gigs in Europe. With all the experience Mike had at the time, he took another leap with long time friend Robb Jeter and started his own distribution company, Rhythmic. After a few years with varying success, unfortunately the vinyl market started to fall to the digital age, so Mike chose to close Rhythmic and focus more on his production.
Over the last few years, Mike has had remixes and releases on Minus, Mo's Ferry, Area Sur, Sub Trak, Thoughtless Music and a recent release ep on his own Intrinsic Design imprint . But while he’s coming into his own as a producer, Mike is first and foremost a DJ – some would say a DJ’s Dj – who continues to stick to his roots playing a mix of Detroit techno and Chicago House, coupled with a modern minimal/tech house aesthetic . Maybe you’ve heard the name, most likely you haven’t – but one thing is for sure, whether it’s a seedy afterhours club in NYC, or a 5,000 person rave in South America, when Mike is behind the decks he’s delivering the goods

We promise to rip it Proper. No crap!

Twice as Proper - National Underground
5-Year Anniversary event
Friday March 23rd 2012
159 East Houston Street, NYC
11:00pm - 6:00am (doors close at 4am)
$5 before midnight, $10 after
FREE admission wearing your Party People t-shirt!

This massive flyer is designed by jenny Arredondo and displays flyers from our events!! Download it below.

Check out the Twice as Proper website:

Bring it on...

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