DJN Project & Temple Movement-Back & Forth

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DJN Project & Temple Movement-Back & Forth

Post by Robbi on Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:13 pm

listen/buy DJN Project & Temple Movement-Back & ForthHERE

see video here HERE

DJN Project has been working hard on releasing a series of soulful dancefloor anthems for the enjoyment of DJs and listeners alike.

The message in this record involves many relationship & life's ups and downs, A situation we have all gone thru at some point. Remixes on the record include a melodic house ensemble by Duce Martinez, A funky walk in the park version by Swift of DJN Project, A slight pop/tech feel by Hallex M & The original instrumentation by Ruben toro and Adam Rios, with that authentic Temple Movement /NYC Style.


>Dj YASS “Amazing one...I will support this as crazy !!!”

>MASTER KEV “HOT package! Feeling all of the mixes but I am really feeling Duce Martinez on this one big time! Beautiful song, great music = a winner!”

>SOULDYNAMIC "Swift & Djn Project mix is coool! nice soul-disco vibes!
also Duce done a good remix!"

>DISTANT PEOPLE "Monster track, this is something to move the floors, classic sound a real song ! full support !!"

>SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS "Love the original mix, your version and the Duce work. 8/10 for us and yes….we’ll play it in Miami."

>DJ RORK "Nice song from DJN Project. My heart goes to the Original Version. Great positive vibe on the floor!! Full support!"

>RALPH SESSION (Seshified Recordings) "Digging the Hallex mix and the DJN Project remix. Wish there was a Dub or Instr. of the Hallex mix. Real Tight on the prodcution. Thing is bumpin"

>JERK HOUSE CONNECTION "Hallex.M remix is a good track clubing!!"

>DARREN HOLLAND "Original mix is tight!"

>NIEL BROWN "Yeah – now this is good. Great jazzy R’n’B. This is lifted into a funky zone by Swifts remix."

>PETER OAKDEN (Soul Free Records) "Thanks brother! Smooth shit going on here. I like what Duce has done Wink"

>VINCENT KWOK "Really feeling the Hallex mix. Great job!"

>MIKE FOSSATI (spirit of House) "On "Back & forth", DJN Project and Temple Movement team up to bless with a soulful gem featuring delightful melodies and sensitive vocals over a smooth yet captivating backdrop. Swift of DJN Project injects funky flavas and gives the track an uplifting feel on fiery remix, while Duce Martinez delivers a gorgeous laidback version oozing with heavenly melodies. Last but not least, there is Hallex M's tech-soul flavored re-rebut perfect for those deeper moments".


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