Ambrosia w/ MenaKeys- Brand New Love(MenaKeys Original)

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Ambrosia w/ MenaKeys- Brand New Love(MenaKeys Original)

Post by Robbi on Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:04 pm

listen/buy Ambrosia w/ MenaKeys- Brand New Love (MenaKeys Original) HERE

Ambrosia w/ MenaKeys
Brand New Love, Produced & Arranged by George Mena For MK Records
Written, by Ambrosia and George Mena
Chorus Arrangement: Dewey Andrew Cioffi
All Lead and Background Vocals by Ambrosia
All Music Produced and Arranged by George Mena
Vocals Recorded and Engineered at Love House Studios
Ambrosia has a Brand New Love.Since the inception of the now classic Believe in Me,followed by a string of hits like "Thats How Much I Love You","Talk to Me",and "Now I Know", Ambrosias latest release with MenaKeys is in a class by itself taking their talents to a new level."Brand New Love" brings you back to how songs used to be made, using today technology creating a timeless work of art.
Ambrosia's sultry velvet harmonies create the basis of the underlying hook, and at the same time run into a fierce call-out that she Found it. Her vocals are effortless and flow soulfully throughout the song until she calls on her inner-being and lets out her wails. This single portrays what everyone at one time or another goes through and how we eventually get over.
MenaKeys musical production takes the song to a Classic Level evoking the school way of doing things. With beautifully played key strokes and chord changes, MenaKeys show off his musical background by implementing his God-given talents. Along with Ambrosia's strong-hearted melody from start to finish a perfect blend has been created.
DJ Jose Burgos of Soul Creation adds more fire to this package His Smoothe Slush Mix takes Brand New Love to a Deeper level entirely everything from the keys to the drums will have you sweating on the dance floor.
PolyRhythm takes "Brand New Love" into another realm. This mix is definitely for the House Heads and the Club Kids. PolyRhythm creates their own cohesive identity with this heavy-hitting remix, sampling Ambrosia's vocals and making it a totally different song, vibe and arrangement.
Remixed & Additional Production by >> Jose Burgos & Jerrell Battle for Soulcreation Productions
>> Keys by Jerrell Battle, Drums and arrangements by Jose Burgos
Remixed & Additional Production by Val Carrique and David Menendez for PolyRhythm
Organ Solo by George Mena for MenaKeys Productions
Mixed Mastered By George Mena @ Love House Studios.
For licensing or any inquiries email
George Mena Music(ASCAP)
Distributed by
Menakeys Records


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