chooseing buy a laptop or a tablet pc 2

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chooseing buy a laptop or a tablet pc 2

Post by carter1516 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:01 pm

Tips 2: the price

What are you going to spend how many budget to buy a IT products, price can be the foundation of choose and buy. Because the Window N11 tablet computer when compared to the laptop computer, common to see in price, more advantage, the configuration of the mainstream laptop will be cheaper relatively flat. For example, dell's 10 inch tablet computer streak10pro price is less than 3000 yuan of RMBS, and configuration of the dell Inspiron spirit mainstream notebook prices to the series in 4000 yuan of above, and with frivolous for special features of the notebook product Ramos W3HD prices would be higher. Therefore, we need to first see if you how many budget, and then out into the amount.

Ti 3: portability
The Ainol Novo7 tablet computer portability, compared with the traditional notebook, much better. If you're a frequent flyers ", or need to often go out sales, or to the Internet at any time with the network, the Window N12 tablet computer a young again for you but....... With flat on business can help you lightly, save space; With a flat to customers, both demonstrate PPT is easy and clear; Always carry flat, can let you real-time and network interconnection, participatory interaction. So, if you have very high demand portability, then tablet computer will be your best choice.

Ti 4: appearance
Many young people mouth of so-called "eye rims". Don't ask why I choose to, it is a feeling, a way of life. This recruit for many girls, it seems to be more useful, rational thinking problem for women might be a little difficult. We can easily find Ainol Novo5 tablet computer and traditional notebook on the exterior have very big difference, Ainol Novo8 tablet computer more fashion, and seems to look more honest and reliable laptop.


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