Bo Moore feat.Kavon Brown-Love,Joy+Happines(Incl.Tony V&Wayne Gardiner Mxs)

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Bo Moore feat.Kavon Brown-Love,Joy+Happines(Incl.Tony V&Wayne Gardiner Mxs)

Post by Robbi on Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:22 pm

click here to listen/buy Bo Moore feat.. Kavon Brown-Love, Joy and Happiness (Incl. Tony V & Wayne Gardiner Mixes)

CIMA welcomes the talents of producer Bo Moore and vocalist Kavon Brown!
Kavon is no stranger to house music, he got into the world of house music with Smack music's compilation album This Is Garage Music providing lead vocals on a track entitled: Make a Difference, the album featured such artists as Candy Staton, Adeva, and K-Y-ZE. He also can be heard as the male answer voice on house artist Kimiesha single Ups and Downs.
Kavon is back in the studio under the production of Bo Moore. Bo made a name for himself when he released his impression of a Patty Labelle re-make Music is My Way of Life with vocalist Valerie Ingram, which was released on Black Box records. Bo soon after released another gem called Sweeter Love on Amani Records, and another project entitled Let it Be Unity featuring Joey Washington and Anthony Young on D Records.
Now down with CIMA Recordings. Together, they bring you Love, Joy and Happiness vocal inspired by Kavon's life's experiences. Additional mixes by none other than DJ Tony V, and Wayne Gardiner himself. Listen, love, and enjoy!

Writing and Production:
* Produced by: Bo Moore
# Produced by: DJ Tony V
Produced by: Wayne Gardiner
All lyrics written & performed by: Kavon Brown

Recorded and mixed by Wayne Gardiner at Close Cut Studios %u2013 West Orange, NJ USA

Executive Producer: Wayne Gardiner

Publishing: CIMA Media (BMI), Noreik Music %u2013 (BMI), TonyVarnado (BMI)

(p) %uFFFD 2011 CIMA Recordings, LLC




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