Juan De Dios + Stephen Kells - Unfamous Cuts : new from Nylon Trax

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Juan De Dios + Stephen Kells - Unfamous Cuts : new from Nylon Trax

Post by 8DPromo on Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:14 pm

Artist: Juan De Dios and Stephen Kells
Release Title: Unfamous Cuts
Label: Nylon Trax
Available Now From: Nylon Trax Store / Traxsource / iTunes / Juno Download

To listen to previews of tracks from Juan De Dios and Stephen Kells' Unfamous Cuts album click HERE

Prepare yourself for a daring excursion into the deep, the tribal, and the evocative sound-spells from the Argentinian duo of Juan De Dios and Stephen Kells. Hailing from the metropolitan city of Rosario, Juan had contacted legendary NYC-based producer Jaymz Nylon with some early tracks in hand. Intrigued by the nuanced, heart-felt vibe Jaymz asked the pair to keep the music coming … and soon he was faced with Unfamous Cuts, a quality-filled eleven track album ready to be released on his own Nylon Trax label.

Unfamous Cuts' eleven tracks range from dark and mysterious dub to techno-tinged, atmospheric deepness as well as some lighter, downtempo moments. It's an intense storm of sound, with a restrained technique that's both raw and modern taking the listener on a unique musical journey. Highlights include "Kerana," an ingenious and indigenous trip taking you deep as a seductive female voice acts as your guide, as well as “Rodox,” a groovy joint with a heavy foot on the floor balanced by soft synths and melodic hooks. With “Swinger Club" think of a mean Detroit track that relentlessly forces you to fall in love and yet you go willingly. Nasty, dirty and loving. “Le Seigneur Solitaire Des Mers” is cinematic, beautiful and spacious .. it's the sound of being broken hearted again and again. You'll also find “Hot Nights,” which is house music for any setting with sprinkles of jazz and afro-latin percussion, and the mysterious "Enter The Room,” which comes across as the perfect balance of all the styles presented here and will transcend across many dance floors. A crucial selection … rewind!

Diz (Vizual / Classic) - "A great way to begin a hot night, surely! Respect!"
Alexi Delano (AD Limited / Clink) - "Niceeee!"
TJ Norris (Resident Advisor) - "Great conceptual package. These tracks flow like one long story."
Chris Duckenfield (Swag) - "Gorgeous cuts on here. Bravo!"
Hardway Bros (History Clock) - "Love this. It's just the right side of deepness."
Will SumSuch (UrbanTorque) - "Excellent electronica ... really moody stuff. I like it!"
Jota Wagner - "Rare that I give something 5 out of 5 stars. Such a brilliant atmospheric work we have here… music that says something."
Dj Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - "Unfamous Cuts is a beautiful, imaginary, and spiritual journey of sounds from the two edges of Atlantic Ocean. The spirit of nature overwhelms the whole album. 5/5"
Velanche (Urban Landscapes Radioshow) - "Outstanding release with no fillers. Diverse sounds and soulful vibes throughout."
Richie Hartness (untitledmusic) - "Great to hear something a bit more out there – cool stuff!"
Edground (Grooveland Music) - "This is very nice. Deep, percussive, dark, and groovy. Love it."

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