Ping Trace - A Forest (The Cure) : New From Terraform

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Ping Trace - A Forest (The Cure) : New From Terraform

Post by 8DPromo on Mon May 30, 2011 6:35 pm

Artist: Ping Trace
Release Title: A Forest
Remixed by: Fabr.IQ
Label: Terraform Records
Available Now From: Beatport / iTunes / Amazon / Juno Download

To listen to previews of Ping Traces A Forest single click HERE

Denver, Colorado's electronic music trio Ping Trace actively seek to connect the dots between tech-house, electronica, and emotionally rich pop music. The lushly constructed music-scapes of Sven and Jeremy Golden intricately back the lovely, expressive vocals of Lynnae Rome. The result is always an intriguing concoction of melody and electronics blended uniquely to make Ping Trace stand out in the crowded dance music field.

Following on the well-received "We Are Human" and "How You Feel" singles for Terraform Records, Ping Trace are bound to make a splash with their latest bold effort. "A Forest" is indeed a cover of the classic track by British alternative favorite The Cure and Ping Trace have deftly translated the song into their sleek sound. Surprisingly enough it was not Ping Trace's original intention to tackle "A Forest." Sven was working on a brand new track when it dawned on the trio that a simple change of the chord structure and the addition of the archetypal vocal line yielded The Cure's signature song. Being big admirers of the band Ping Trace decided to go for it.

"A Forest" lent itself easily to a dark and dubby house music treatment, echoing the melancholy and longing of the original but adapting it for late night dancefloors. On top of the musical arrangement Lynnae Rome adds almost chanteuse-like vocals which she recorded and edited on her own. In the end Ping Trace had produced a classy rendition filled with an enticing drama, working well on both on club systems and home stereos.

A double-dose of remixed versions is also present. Fabr.IQ, a more tech-house oriented project of Ping Trace's Jeremy and Sven, provides a rework that adds staccato synths and pulsating Italo-lines into the track. Ring modulated percussion and soaring chords enter as the cut progresses creating a potent dancefloor build. Secondly there's the House Of Peace Mix, an alternate version by Ping Trace. It's a strange an evocative half-time remix drawing some inspiration from the dubstep genre but without any aggression or lack of subtlety. This treatment is filled with mystery and atmosphere as the space between the beats casts more of a showcase of Lynnae's fantastic vocal performance. It successfully captures the feeling of the dream that takes place in the lyrics.

Ping Trace have a flurry of activity planned following "A Forest," including a remix single for "We Are Human," a collaboration with Swedish electronic music wunderkind Hakan Lidbo, and the recording of the debut Ping Trace album. Keep an eye on Ping Trace and Terraform Records for more exciting sonic offerings to come.

5Magazine Review by Terry Matthews:
"Ping Trace is one of the most forward-thinking acts I've come across. Comparisons beyond this single point are out of line, but they have that same quality that I love in the middle recordings of New Order: it's distinctive enough that you know who made it from the first few notes, but the band will continually surprise you with how flexible their sound is. Made up of two DJs ("Sven" Cleveland and Jeremy Golden) and vocalist Lynnae Rome, their music has a quality that's at once broad and intimate - with rough electronic scrapes and kicks always brought back down by Rome's lush, whisper of a voice. "A Forest" is a cover from The Cure, and despite owning the Cure's entire discography in about four different media formats, it took the liner notes to point this out to me. Say what you will about the original and the rather mixed results successive performers have had in covering The Cure, but Ping Trace really makes this one their own. In fact, in a blind test, I found myself preferring the Radio Edit of the four mixes here, which is something that almost never happens. As with their previous Terraform releases (2010's "How You Feel" and "We Are Human"), some might find this hard to classify - some including Juno, for reasons best kept between themselves and their maker, classify it as "Progressive House". It's a small matter. Ping Trace is one of those acts whose music is destined to straddle, jump and obliterate the boundaries between genres."

Selected Feedback:
TJ Norris (Resident Advisor, US) Awesome rendition of this classic track!
Greg Fenton (DMC Update, UK) "A lovely cover of an old favorite!
Joey Silvero (Distant People, UK) - Deep and mature sound, good atmosphere...
Pete Farmer (RedSeaDance Sessions, UK/Egypt) - Loving the feel of this -- Supported!
DJ Naz (Buddha Bar) - "The Fabr IQ remix is the highlight of this EP for me driving base and a very elegant beat."
Jules Little (Global Dancefloor Radio) - "Mellow, haunting, hypnotic, groovy."

Additional support from Chris Fortier. Nic Fanciulli, Audiojack, Paul van Dyk, Flash Brothers, Merlyn Martin, Will SumSuch,Felix JR (Ibiza Global Radio), and DJ Aldrin (Zouk Club)

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Ping Trace Online:


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