CIRCULAR MOTION-Anthony Nicholson pres.Jrod Indigo-Optimum

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CIRCULAR MOTION-Anthony Nicholson pres.Jrod Indigo-Optimum

Post by Robbi on Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:03 pm

click here to listen/buy Anthony Nicholson pres. Jrod Indigo-Optimum

Get lost in the music

Circular Motion recs is proud to release Jrod Indigo "Optimum" .
This song is one of the reasons why i still love this dance music thing.
Jrod Indigo's vocals create an ambience that take you to the stars!
We hope our vision and creativity is transcribed in this Cosmic production

Anthony Nicholson
Circular motion recs.

vocals,lyrics- Jrod Indigo
keys,drums,sound design-Anthony Nicholson
keys, solos- Chris Rob

recorded, mixed and arranged by Anthony Nicholson @ Miquifaye Studio


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