New Wayne Williams mix + Booking Info

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New Wayne Williams mix + Booking Info

Post by Robbi on Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:54 am

have been deejaying since 1974 and founded the first Dj group, The Chosen Few, to meet the demands I had for my music in Chicago. The Chosen Few includes Djs, Andre Hatchett, Alan King, Tony Hatchett, Dj Jesse Saunders, and Terry Hunter. In the late 1970’s, the Chosen Few played at numerous parties and at legendary venues including Sauer’s, First Impressions, Tree of Life, and The Loft. In celebration of our pioneering days in the underground House scene, we established the Chosen Few Picnic in 1990 to showcase our music among family and friends. Since its inception, the picnic has grown to be a world premier house event that attracts thousands of people, annually, to our Chicago home base.

I call the series “orgasm” because I begin my mixes with sensual songs
and then increasingly layer more aggressive sounds until they reach a
peak at the end of the set, similar to a climax. These songs are
especially targeted to my female audience who respond well to the use
of 90% vocals on tracks and tend to vibe well with my song selection.

I use deejaying as a medium to tell a musical story. My mixes have
always incorporated the newest in House music because I believe I want
to present my audience with the freshest and hottest songs available.
In fact, I have made only one old-school CD in my career, which will
be released in the near future.

I make finding new House music my priority. My love for deejaying
thrives on playing this new music before any one else and seeing how
my audience interacts with it. There is no better feeling than
watching dancers groove wildly to the music I play. I am motivated by
the “orgasmic” chemistry I create with sound and human movement on the
dance floor. Welcome to Wayne’s World!

to Book Wayne:

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