Twice as Proper @ Nathional Underground, NYC

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Twice as Proper @ Nathional Underground, NYC

Post by Twice As Proper on Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:08 pm

Twice as Proper is back in the basement! This time we are celebrating Jenny's return from Mexico!

Deep soothing groovy dark and dirty hard pumping banging techno beats with mad effects intelligently layered and crafted to make you shake that ass you got while you drink, socialize dream or whatever you do in that dark underground basement club. Experience this live dj performance show and feel raw bass propelled out of the proper "TurboSound" system installment. Bring it on..

Resident Dj's:
-CRAFT & SHADI (Twice as Proper)

Guest Dj:
-CONNIE (Resolute, Airdrop Records)

2010 was a really good year for us, and brought International tours, radio shows, podcasts, music productions, TV coverage, soundcloud recordings listened to in 61 countries, new fans and friends. We promise to rip it Proper. No crap.

Check out the Twice as Proper website:

Twice as Proper Facebook group:

Saturday March 26th 2011
National Underground
159 East Houston Street
(between Allen & Eldridge streets)
11:30pm - 6:00am (doors close at 4am)
$5 all night no lists

__________________________________________________ __________

- CRAFT (Daniele Ciocio) - Born in NYC, bought his technics 1200's & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own savings. Taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. Began producing music in 1999 and, to this day, music production is done under the name "Craft Music Productions". He dj's 5 to 10 times per month on average in the NYC underground minimal scene with the Twice as Proper Sessions crew. He evolved from the old Vinyl-only days to the CDJ’s of all types, and now performs live with his all-in-one DJ workstation M-Audio Torq Xponent. Craft has already traveled with the controller to Europe for his Italy Dj tour in various cities and also recently came back from an incredible Costa Rica DJ Tour with Onda Skillet, covered by much media attention (major radio, TV and internet). Furthermore, Craft co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" with Shadi which then became "Twice as Proper Sessions" with an impressive near 200 events and counting in the past 4 years alone with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings. Also, Craft created and designed the "Party People" T-Shirt which has a history of its own...

- Check out a some Craft live Dj sets recorded around the world:

- Check out a few selected samples of Craft Music Productions:

-Become a fan on Facebook CRAFT FAN PAGE:

Craft is featureed on the labels and event organizations listed below:
- Twice as Proper Sessions
- Eklipze
- Essential
- Trilogy
- Rite of Wednesdays
- Momentum
- I Love Italian Dj's NYC
- Craft Music Productions
- Subtrack Records
- Dusk Recordings
- Uberkontrol Records

- SHADI (Shadi Elrazaz) Born in Cairo, Egypt....raised in NYC from age 12, where he met up with his mentor and friend Daniele Ciocio (Dj Craft), who helped him manipulate vinyl ...and sound through a mixer. Flash forward to December !999, Twilo, Sasha and digweed & Mitsubishi = Lifelong Sound Obsession.

Currently Shadi is actively Running The New York City Based Underground Techno Events & Movment "Twice As Proper" With his Musical Partner Dj Craft Who together co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" which then merged with Los Franzetti's "Proper Sessions" resulting in "Twice as Proper Sessions" with an impressive over 200 events and counting in the past 4 years alone with quite an illustrious list of guest DJ bookings.

Along the way residencies at Mark Cafe With the Buyrum Crew, leading up to many more good friends and amazing musician party people like Lance Jordan, Amos Damon ( Dj Fame), Adam Collins, Francis Harris, Connie, Elon, Taimur & Fahad, Steven Letigre, and many more over the span of many New York City Venues such as Sullivan Room, Bar 13, Cielo, Rebel, Le Souk, Porch, Crudo, Boom, Stay, VDP & Afterhours everywhere....

- Check out a some Shadi live Dj sets recorded around the world:

-Become a fan on Facebook SHADI FAN PAGE:

__________________________________________________ __________

- CONNIE (Connie Yin) - Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Connie appeared in the electronic music scene six years ago and has become a familiar face in the NYC underground house/techno scenes. Connie has spun her eclectic mix of funky house, tech house, electro, acid, minimal and techno all over the world and alongside the most talented DJs/producers, like Trentemoller, James Holden, Italoboyz, Vincenzo, Michal Ho, Nico Purman, Guy Gerber, Davide Squillace, Alka_rex, Mark Henning, Sweet & Candy, Jeff Bennett, Konrad Black, Terry Mullan, Jesse Rose, Adultnapper, Nick Warren, Misstress Barbara, Patrick Chardronnet, Jay Tripwire, Jason Jinx, Chris Duckenfield (SWAG), Ladytron, Jimmy van M, Camea, and the Hacker. Connie spins regularly at NYC's top venues like Crobar, Pacha, Sullivan Room, Love & Cielo, but also DJs at more underground but high-profiled events and parties, eg. Minimoo, LESS @ Annex, and Resolute, for which she is a resident of.

Connie has also spun outside of NYC, in San Francisco, Miami, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Vancouver, Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Prague, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, Berlin and most recently, MOSCOW!!! In March 2006, Connie won the Village Voice DJ Spinoff Contest and spun at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. In March 2007, Connie spun at the infamous Sunday School for Degenerates party at the Pawnshop in Miami, opening the terrace for an all-star line-up! In June 2008, Connie spun at Canada's top electronic dance party - Piknic Electronik, in Montreal! For all US bookings, except New York, please contact her booking agency, Volatl.

When she first became a part of New York's dance scene, Connie was shocked to see how few women were DJ-ing the many parties around town. Never one to settle, she has been teaching women to spin for over two years. To date, Connie has had 15 students. In addition, Connie is teaming up with Halcyon Record Store to foster and promote local female DJs via an event called "Ladies’ Night," which features a new female DJ spinning on-site every Thursday.

Connie is producing under the name "conSTAR" and her first release out Christmas 2008 on Airdrop Records!

- Check out Connie on her Resident Advisor Dj page:

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