Europa The Musical - Best New 80's Rock Show

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Europa The Musical - Best New 80's Rock Show

Post by shmegs369 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:56 am

From Europa
The action takes place at a dive bar called Rocky’s and surrounding settings. Europa harbors a secret. The only question is who will discover it first. Europa is more operatic than most rock musical productions but is definitely a comedy. With music from 80's power pop band "Hagatha", the score by Rob Susman is wondrous, the arrangements exquisite and the melodies memorable. The most enjoyable element of the production is its unforgettable characters. Europa is the last chance saloon, the place of last resort and as such, all the characters bear the burdens of their respective emotional baggage. The audience will recognize each of the characters and be drawn to them as the drama plays out. As Star Trek and many other productions have proven, the backdrop of space is an excellent vehicle for putting on the human comedy. Europa, does this with catchy rock songs and elaborate harmonies and orchestrations. There is no show or story like it. The producers have booked a theater in New York City's East Village, the traditional stomping ground for the band on who's music the production is based. The play will be a mix of performance and multimedia. The budget calls for roughly $15,000 for a 4 Performance run which will hopefully make believers of the industry we have invited. The money we are seeking is so that we may raise the bar on the level of production (i.e. for set design, props, costumes, hair and makeup, projections, technicians and so on). We are also seeking to engage a film crew to tape the shows and edit so that we can distribute to those in the industry not in New York. To learn more about Europa please visit where you can see production sketches, read a synopsis and script, and don't forget to join us on Facebook at


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