OUT NOW: 013HR Wolkenreise exclusively on Beatport!!

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OUT NOW: 013HR Wolkenreise exclusively on Beatport!!

Post by hiddenrecordings on Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:11 pm

Hey Everyone,
It's finally here! You can now download Wolkenreise exclusively on Beatport:

Amazing support from DJs, radio shows and press that have many saying Wolkenreise is an early candidate for single of the year in 2011 - see what everyone is saying.....

"Massive dj qu remix in here! full support" Robert Dietz (Cadenza)

"Love the original melodies!" Joris Voorn (Green)

"nice deeep package! rene's remix is my pick of the bunch
but all beautiful music!" ONNO(Upon.You, Souvenir, Get Physical)

"Always happy with a new John Tejada, will play for sure but the Gustavo
Lamas remix is a nice surprise too. Thanks for this!"
Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto)

"The original is nice and deep. John Tejada mix is great as always but its
the DJ Qu mix which got me." Craig Richards (Fabric)

"Great release all round. Will play for sure" Laurent Garnier

"Tejada mix as well as the Qu are rockin!" Seth Troxler (Visionquest)

"Qu Mix is Dope!!" Ryan Elliott (Spectral, Ostgut Ton)

"Great package! hard to chose a favourite!" Sebo K (Mobilee)

"The Tejada remix is heavenly. I'm putting this in my 'afterhour' jam section eaaaaasily. Rene's mix is pretty hot too." Tony Rohr (Clink)

"Afterhours niceness" Pig + Dan (Cocoon)

"Quality - great remixes - playing thanx" Slam (Soma Records)

"Very nice release.. all mixes are good, especially Tejada and DJ Q mixes" Elon Admony(Resolute, Dumb-Unit)

"Karraskilla and DJ Qu mixes will fit into my warm-up sets well. Thanks." Perc (Perc Trax, CLR, Ovum)

"original, tejada and dj qu mixes!!!" Vidal (Raiz/Acid Circus/Droid Recordings)

The release has been reviewed in XLR8R, Resident Advisor, Ibiza Voice, Teshno,Textura, and De-bug with many more on the way!

Review in Textura:
" For seven engrossing minutes, organ swells, triangle accents, phase-treated chords, and dubby echo treatments drape themselves across a gently rolling pulse in such a way that, before you realize it, you're caught up in its entrancing spell and surrendering to the tune's subtle charms" > click here for full review http://www.textura.org/reviews/sharma_krause_wolkenreise.htm

Review in Teshno:
The track he (Deepak Sharma) offers here (alongside Dieter Krause) is built on a raw, unhurried kick. all important contrast comes from the dry, echoing claps (which cut gorgeously through the bass clouds like, well, thunder) at unexpected intervals; a distant, longing and muted organ line (i think) and some heavy hearted synths. it's melancholic but optimistic, and has a certain classiness to it which i really dig.
> click here for full review http://www.teshno.com/2011/01/deepak-sharma-dieter-krause-wolkenreise.html

Review in Resident Advisor:
" Delicacy is the key here, and the sounds are allowed to breath independently thanks to a capacious backdrop sporadically illuminated by a mixture of spaced-out ambience and dubwise techniques.... independent and original, spanning a range of deep house atmospherics from the ambient and analogue through to the slightly surreal. > click here for full review http://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=8699

Review in Mixside (Spanish):
Wolkenreise track emerges as a smart, deep and even romantic, with a rhythm inspired by Chicago and a very old-school beat, while syntes and pads look to this muse is the engine electronic City. Excellent work, very visual, can transport you in time and ...space. A track that lives up to its title, Wolkenreise which translated would mean traveling within the clouds. > click here for full review http://www.mixside.com/deepak-sharma-dieter-krause-wolkenreise-ep-2011-hidden-recordings/

Review in XLR8R:
The latest single to come from cross-continental production duo Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause for Sharma's Hidden Recordings label is "Wolkenreise," a somber house tune whose title translates quickly to "travel clouds." The single comes complete with remixes from the likes of John Tejada, Rene Breitbarth, and featured here, DJ Qu (whose mix for Little White Earbuds also made it onto our list of favorite non-XLR8R podcasts from 2010, and is pictured above). Just like the title says, Qu's remix is immediately set on a forward trajectory, the lightness of which would be aptly described as cloudlike. The soft pulse of the incessant kick rhythm pushes the subtle synth sounds and other ethereal elements along a designated dancefloor path, occasionally running into the odd atmospheric flourish as it travels. But Qu's "Wolkenreise" remix is most like a cloud because it doesn't take off or touch down throughout its six minutes; it just floats high up in the atmosphere from start to finish. > click here for full review http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2010/12/wolkenreise-dj-qu-remix

The literal translation of 'Wolkenreise' is cloud travel, and the music provided couldn't be more fitting. The original and remixes are all unique, with a soulfulness that will move your body, while leaving your mind to float in the expansiveness of space. A true masterpiece, this timeless release is sure to garner the attention and is destined to be another classic from Hidden Recordings, as they redefine the word 'storytelling' through electronic music. Relax, take your time, and enjoy the sounds.
Thanks to all of the DJs who listened and provided feedback and to all of the press who took notice of this release. Lastly we thank those who have supported us from 001HR until now, and we will need their support for 014HR and so on.
- Deepak + Dieter

[url] http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/deepaksharma[/url]
[url] http://www.hidden-recordings.com/[/url]
http://www.residentadvisor.net/> click here


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