OFFERING RECORDINGS brings you heat just in time for WMC

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OFFERING RECORDINGS brings you heat just in time for WMC

Post by Robbi on Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:34 pm

click here to listen/buy Djeff & Silyvi Feat. Cef-Mwini (Incl. N'Dinga Gaba, Punk & Da Capo Mixes)

Right in time for WMC... Mwini brings that Angola warmth to all dance floors from Miami to the World!

'Mwini' means sun in Kikongo. This amazing peice of music is produced by the infamous Angolan DJ duo Djeff & Silyvi. With the upligting vocals from the talented Cef, Mwini takes us to a small village in Angola. Where Cef's voice describes how the SUN is shinning on a warm afternoon weekend. The setting takes place at an outdoor wedding where the young locals come together to celebrate the marriage of some close friends. At the wedding there is another couple who are on the verge of ending their relationship. As the celebration continues they notice the joy amd warmth the newly weds excude, as well as the love they radiate to the rest of the party. With each passing moment they come to the realization that love is life's greatest gift and we should never take it for granted. Mwini just like the sun reminds us that there is hope for another day.

In respect to Mwini's roots all the remixes came from way of the motherland, Africa. We start in the Central Arican Republic with a remix from the proficient N'Dinga Gaba. N'dinga has had some of his work on dance music's top labels such as Foliage, Code Red as well as his world renown hit 'Queen' on Sole Channel. Then we head down to South Africa to experience a new wave of talent with Punk and Da Capo. This new talent has been getting massive support from Boddhi Satva, Manoo, and Nick holder to name a few.

The duoTiago Barros and Silvio Silva also know as Djeff & Silyvi began in 2009 some what by accident. One night at club they both started exchanging ideas and one thing lead to another. In which Djeff asked Silyvi to remix one of his songs. After that remix the both started working on each other's material. Then on one faithful afternoon they stopped working on each others work and started working on something together. By the end of the day they came up with there first peice of art called Canjika, released on Pandora Records of Portugal. After that came there seminal hits Tambuleno on Nulu Records and Nawe on Soulgasm Music. With their new found chemistry and early success the decided then and there to start working on their debut album and the rest, as they say is history. So look out for their distinct African sound that is sure to captivate the rhythm inside us all.





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