Incredible Show Reels for Actors

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Incredible Show Reels for Actors

Post by rupturedfilms on Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:14 pm

Actors - get yourself noticed!

Stand out from the crowd with our amazing video reels using hi-tech virtual reality backgrounds.
We can magically place you in a studio environment, complete with multiple camera angles, or on a virtual stage.

We film you infront of a green screen and then powerful computer software does the rest.

Nobody else makes virtual promotional reels like we do, with your performance under the guidance of a leading TV Producer and Director.

And best of all it really doesn't cost a fortune!

Our packages are designed to be affordable, and your short promotional video can be uploaded to websites, handed out as DVD's, and will make a superb marketing tool.

So check out what we offer at and you won't be disappointed.

PLUS we have special discounts available for bookings made in April.

If you run a website then we have more than 20 different environments we can put you into to promote your business - including a classroom, trendy apartment, offices, boardrooms... they look fabulous.

These backgrounds are ideal for corporate presentations, video news releases and commercials.


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