My shopping experience from KOOTRADE

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My shopping experience from KOOTRADE

Post by happycamp112 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:56 am

I think everyone will shop online,I am not an exception.I like the Chinese seller very much,because the products are all in low price but high quality.I know many people believe that the stuffs from China are all scam.But I don't think so.As we know,China is the global factory,almost every country have the merchandises from China.When I find something I like on the website,I will google the website.If the more information from google the more reliable the website is.Then I will communicate with the customer service to know detail about the website.I will depend on my intuition almost.If I feel it is good I will order something from it.Luckly,I have never been cheated on the online shop.

I enjoy shopping from,it have many brand which I like.Such as ED Hardy,Supra,Nike Dunk,Air Max,AF,Hollister,POLO T-shirt and so on.The shopping car seem very covenient,it would help me finish the order automatically and save me much time.Kootrade will ship my parcel once I finish payment.
I remember I finish my order on Monday,and it ship my package at Monday night.I get the tracking number in the next morning.The efficiency is good!!I receive my parcel on Friday.It just took 4 days from one country to another.It as beter as EBAY.The products have high quality,I think I will cooperate with it again.It is a pleasant shopping experience.

Maybe you will have more shopping experience,say it and share with us!!


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