DivaDownEntertainment-Susu Bobien-My Pride

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DivaDownEntertainment-Susu Bobien-My Pride

Post by Robbi on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:20 am

Susu Bobien-I Got My Pride! (Incl. Davidson Ospina, Sean Grasty & John Mateo Remixes)

Diva SuSu Bobien's back with her Diva Down Anthem

Written, Produced & Arranged by Dewey Andrew
Vocals Recorded at Love House Studio by George Mena
Remixed by Davidson Ospina, Sean Grasty & John Mateo

For those who have had to compromise their dignity
For those who have been abused mentally and physically
For those who demand respect and don't want any pity
For those who have worked toward taking a stand for humanity
for those who live a righteous life and make no apologies
For all those who have felt bound and are now Set Free...


My humble thanks to Davidson Ospina for all of his extra help with this project, from artwork to industry hook-ups and his amazing mixes - your appreciated! Sean Grasty for his awesome new addition and for being a friend and John Mateo for taking the time to work out an amazing mix and being such a perfectionist! SuSu I love you and thank you for them anointed wails! Monica thanks for the blackground girlfriend! Peace & Love


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