FaceBook, should have done this.

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FaceBook, should have done this.

Post by totalindustry on Mon May 03, 2010 5:55 am

Can you imagine how many people lives could have been changed if Facebook would have shared the wealth with the userbase? Look at how many people lost their jobs with the bad economy. Imagine if Facebook Paid us to Invite others. Lets BE HONEST; Facebook would not exist if it wasn't for us being on it. Facebook made Billions of Dollars while most people struggled and lost almost everything. YourNight is sharing the wealth with the usersbase. YourNight is allowing the users to participate in the Profit sharing by investing $10.00/mo Most users are already earning $500 to $1,000/per month and some on pace to Earn $100k up to $500k within their first 12 months.

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