In The Know Seminars "Radio! Please Play My Song" Saturday, July 18th 2009-2pm EST *ON-LINE*

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In The Know Seminars "Radio! Please Play My Song" Saturday, July 18th 2009-2pm EST *ON-LINE*

Post by PhillyParty on Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:51 pm

Every artist feels they are better than what they hear every day on the
radio. Are they? How do artists get their songs on the radio? What do
radio stations look for in urban songs?
Do you have to pay for play?

What value does urban radio play in today’s marketplace? What steps can
artists follow to increase their chances of getting added to radio?
What part do clubs and the streets play in radio
spins? What
relationships does an artists’ team need to approach radio? Are
connections and relationships enough to get spins from the DJs? We will
offer practical advice to those who are serious enough to listen and
take notes!

hese are done monthly and they are topic specific so you are learning in a controlled and concentrated learning environment.
Where else can you get 12 seminars for a total of $396 or 1 for $29 and not have to travel???

Come see why we have had over 300 register in past months!

In The Know Seminars is a cutting edge way to bring entertainment
conferences & seminars with qualified, results oriented panelists
and facilitators into the comfort of your own home. How, you ask? With
In The Know Seminars, it's all done online. You are able to attend
topic specific seminars which are facilitated by Industry Vet, Ms.
Wendy Day while boasting a panel of decision makers and proven
professionals in the industry. You will learn from the best, be able to
ask questions in a non-intimidating learning environment and receive a
follow-up In The Know Knowledge Pack in the mail upon completion.


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