Waterfall Rappelling & Tyrolean Traverse (zip-line) Day Trip

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Waterfall Rappelling & Tyrolean Traverse (zip-line) Day Trip

Post by adventuresociety on Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:19 am

Who: Adventure Society

What: Waterfall Rappelling &
Tyrolean Traverse (zip-line) Day Trip

When: Saturday June 27, 2009

Time: 7:45am - *7:30pm (*Return Time
Is Approximate)

Limit: 13 people

Experience: Level I - Easy

Where: Transportation from Manhattan

Cost: Early Registration Pricing
Starts at $177 p.p.

Details: http://www.AdventureSociety.com

Experience the adrenaline rush of
flying across the sky on a Tyrolean traverse (similar to a zip-line)
that passes by a beautiful waterfall! Have you always wanted to fly
from tree to tree like Tarzan? Grabbing each vine fearlessly as you
make your way through the jungle? This is the closest you'll get to
this experience! During this trip you’ll have a bird’s eye view
of the spectacular scenery below and will defy gravity as you
traverse across a natural rock amphitheater. You will complete the
first leg of your journey next to the largest waterfall in NY! Your
next challenge will be rappelling down the porous rock face beside
the waterfall! This will be the ultimate adrenaline junkie way to
cool down in the hot summer heat! After you reach the bottom of the
waterfall you will then hike back up next to the waterfall, so this
trip is also a wonderful upper and lower body work out! No prior
experience is necessary, just a desire to fly!

We have been looking for a zip-line
experience in the area and have been unable to find one until now!
The difference between a Tyrolean traverse and a zip-line is that a
Tyrolean traverse is set up between two points of similar height
which means you will zip across 1/2 to 3/4 of the way and then pull
yourself the rest of the way across. And yes, all of these photos
were taken at the actual site you will be Tyrolean traversing &


Join Us For Some
of Our Upcoming Activities Including:

* Countryside Bike Ride w/Visit to
Local Farm Market – (Sun. May 30th)

* Delaware Water Gap Hike w/Optional
Beer Tasting – (Sun. May 31st) ***ONLY 2 SPACES AVAILABLE***

* Bike Ride Through The Country
w/Optional Wine Tasting – (Sat. June 6th) ***ONLY 4

* Horseback Riding & Strawberry
Picking – (Sat. June 6th) ***ONLY 5 SPACES AVAILABLE***

* Kayaking &
Strawberry Picking – (Sun. June 7th)

* Tandem Hang
Gliding w/Optional Wine Tasting & Bocce – (Sat. June 13th)
***SOLD OUT***

* Delaware Water
Gap Hike & Strawberry Picking – (Sun. June 14th)

* Bike Ride
Through the Country w/Riverside Lunch – (Sat. June 20th)

* A Day At the
Rodeo, Behind the Scenes & Country Dancing! – (Sat. June 20th)

* Horseback Riding
& Strawberry Picking – (Sun. June 21st)

* Waterfall
Rappelling & Tyrolean Traverse (zip-line) Day Trip – (Sat. June
27th) ***SOLD OUT***

* Summer Sky dive
w/Wine & Cheese Reception!!! – (Sun. June 28th)

* Waterfall
Rappelling & Tyrolean Traverse (zip-line) Day Trip – (Sat. July

* Delaware Water
Gap Hike & Kayak – (Sun. July 12th)

* White Water Tubing Day Trip – (Sat.
July 18th)

* Tandem Hang Gliding w/Optional Wine
Tasting & Bocce – (Sun. July 19th)

* Surf or Learn to Surf Day Trip –
(Sat. July 25th)

* Tree-Top
Zip-Line, Rappel, Suspended Bridge Adventure – (Sun. July 26

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To find out more about upcoming
trips and activities visit - http://www.adventuresociety.com where
you can also sign up for our weekly activity newsletter!


Adventure Society
is a NYC based social organization and tour operator comprised
of singles and couples who enjoy unique travel, varying levels of
outdoor activities and city social events. We
are dedicated to offering New Yorkers access to an active, healthy,
social lifestyle through our trips, activities and social events.
was founded as the first organization of its kind in the
city and is the only fully licensed and insured
company of its kind in the city.

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