Help For Childhood Obesity

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Help For Childhood Obesity

Post by TABrenner on Mon Apr 07, 2008 3:38 am

Childhood obesity has grown by nearly 400 percent over the course of the last 3 and one half decades, after possibly centuries of a low and stable rate of 4 percent. There is not a community in America that has not been touched by this problem, as depending upon who you ask, anywhere from 25-35 percent of American children are currently obese, or at risk of becoming obese. Aside from the current and future health problems such as sleep apnea, heart disease, hypertension, joint strain and damage, diabetes, and a whole host of other diseases, overweight children face a psychological bombardment from peers as well as themselves as the “fat” kids usually aren’t the most popular, often face severe ridicule and can develop emotional problems that can negatively influence growth and development. Not to mention the future economic problems they quite possibly will have, as overweight people have higher medical costs, can possibly be effected by future insurance issues (especially with our looming electronic medical database) and possibly employment issues as overweight people have physical limitations, usually are not accepted over “pretty” people, and pose insurance costs to prospective employers with the medical problems that are associated with obesity. This is just the start. To address this problem, the powers that be have given us millions of squandered dollars in studies, a decrease in physical education within our Nation’s schools programs, closed campus policies in the name of safety (we can’t make adults sit still for seven hours yet we expect our kids to) and countless of useless programs (at our expense) which is accompanied by the vague premise that the problem is due to our children’s “diet and levels of activity”.

The truth is our problem is much deep than “diet and levels of activity” and has many levels that our “powers that be” really do not want to address- which is not only typical in today’s society and par for the course (Cook county taxes, cost of living, gas, wars overseas, etc.) so they will keep spending our money, providing useless and failing solutions and simply pull the wool over our eyes when ever possible. No it’s not a conspiracy thing…it’s a lazy, misguided, dumbfounded thing. It’s also an economic thing, as there are a great many of delivery oriented business, automobile manufacturers, and producers of technology who are just banking on such laziness.

My name is T. Alan Brenner, and I am a certified K-12 physical education teacher, personal trainer and athletic coach from Chicago, Illinois. If childhood obesity has touched your life, or that of a loved one or friend, I invite and strongly encourage you to reply to this posting or visit the website below. In return I will send you back a link to a publisher I have recently published a book with, where you can read a good portion of it at absolutely no cost to you. Certainly I would like you to buy the book, but just read the first chapter. If you like what you read, fine, buy it as within there are no politically correct definitions or meaningless solutions- only the truth about childhood obesity and the social influences and lifestyle habits that have given us the problem- along with all the solutions you need to fix it yourself instead of waiting on the powers that be to do it for you. But more importantly take what is being said and use that as template to explore and examine the life of the child in your life who is caught by this terrible affliction. Please respond if you would like honest, cost effective, and working solutions to the problem- and it is a problem or visit the site directly at

Thanks and have a great day and God bless!

T Brenner


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