Past, Present, Future EP - Steal Vybe, Monday Michiru

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Past, Present, Future EP - Steal Vybe, Monday Michiru

Post by Robbi on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:38 am

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Makin' Moves keep the summer heat coming as we drop a fantastic new EP from Steal Vybe aka Chris Forman and featuring one of the true amazing soulful talents on this planet Monday Michiru.

The project was inspired musically and lyrically from past icons, the changing of times and life as we know it. Worldly issues abroad, and embracing the coming of the unknown.

The name of this EP was given and based off the different elements and styles of each track, hence the feel takes you back to the past and brings you to the present, while journeying to the future and imagining and exploring its" new prosperities to come.

Chris Forman from Steal Vybe 'I feel that our musical citation in each track has the essence of the past, while giving notice of the present forefront in music today, and taking and combing other genres and styles into the sound of the future to come.'

In our opinion, what is most important in the future of music is to keep the craft alive and well and to keep the creative aspect dominant to challenge musicians and producers to Journey into their passionate side and create magic for the world.

Credits: all music, percussion, and drum programming written, composed, and produced by Chris Forman and Damon Bennett for Steal Vybe.

Rhodes, piano, synths, bass, & Vocoder by Chris Forman.
Rhodes, piano, synths, synth bass, & Flute by Damon Bennett.

Lyrics, vocal leads and background written and performed by Monday Michiru.

Recorded and mixed at 305 the woods studio.

Publishing: Chris Cee Rule Forman Music ASCAP. Creators-Child Music ASCAP.

Monday Michiru Sipiaguine ASCAP.
Two Winds ASCAP.

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